The Hundred-Years Warbear

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The Hundred-Years Warbear
The Hundred-Years Warbear

You duck down a long, dark hallway to get away from the warbear onslaught for a few minutes. Just as you start to catch your breath, though, an ancient warbear comes limping down the corridor, carrying a bundle of warbear tech over his back.

"I have grown too long in the fang for this war," he says, "for war is a young bear's game. Here, young bear, take up this armor and augment yourself for battle!"

Clearly, the old bear's eyesight was the first thing to go. You try to growl convincingly so you can spare both of you the embarrassment of fighting each other.

Accept the Gift

You take the bundle, growl 'thank you,' and skedaddle back to Uncle Crimbo. He sorts through the bundle, delighted at someone bringing him presents in a giant sack for a change. "There's some quality components for the War Machine in here, kid," he says, "good work. Soon we'll put paid to these warbastards once and for all!" He's slurring his speech a little, and you can smell the peppermint schnapps on his breath, so you figure it's time to leave.

Occurs at the WarBear Fortress (First Level) after defeating 1000 Warbear Foot Soldiers.


  • The Hundred Years' War refers to a series of military conflicts between England and France during the 14th and 15th centuries.