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The Huge Cannon, once located in Seaside Town, was built in late August 2004, funded by massive meat donations from players in an attempt to drive the Penguin Mafia out of The Hole in the Sky where they had first appeared. Although the cannon was never actually fired, the mere threat of it was sufficient to scare the Penguins off (temporarily) and force them to change their tactics.

It was implemented as a way of encouraging players to voluntarily remove meat from the game, following the infinite-meat-bug disaster that has become known as Black Sunday. In fact, most of the meat used to fund its construction came from one player, Qrrbrbirlbel (#80009), who donated 150 billion meat in a single day.

Adventurers who donated the most for building the Cannon have their names written on The Giant Cannon Plaque in the Cannon Museum.

After the Penguin Mafia's final defeat when Yetis were re-introduced at The Icy Peak, the Cannon was no longer needed: so it was decommissioned, removed from the main town square and put on prominent display on the roof of The Cannon Museum, Loathing's museum dedicated to past times.

After the opening of the Temporal Rifts on the day that has since been dubbed White Wednesday, it appears that one of the temporal rifts opened up at the front gate of the Town, leading back to a time when the Huge Cannon was half-built, the single day before Qrrbrbirlbel's massive donation. Although most of the Temporal Rifts had closed, Half of a Cannon remained at the town's front gate as a permanent reminder of White Wednesday. Until May 4, 2006, The Council appeared undecided as to what to do with what was essentially a useless hunk of spare metal.

On May 4, 2006, scaffolding and fencing was put up around the Half Cannon--not, as it originally seemed, for repairs, or safety, or for building a second Cannon, but for demolition and salvage of the materials used in its construction: on May 10, 2006, the cannon had been completely dismantled. On May 9, 2006, scaffolding went up next to Hagnk's Mostly-Burned-Down Ancestral Mini-Storage in the Right Side of the Tracks. This is likely what all the scrap metal was used for, but this is just speculation.

On May 10, building could be seen behind the Right Side scaffolding and the Cannon was fully gone. As of May 14, the building appeared almost complete, although not yet open for business. It grew into the LAAAAME Observatory on May 15.

There had even been speculation that this would presage the return of the Penguin Mafia (especially since Uncle P's Antiques was another building restored to its past condition by the Temporal Rifts). This speculation has since been confirmed by the return of Don Pygoscelis, the appearance of Mob Penguins mining The Grim Grimacite Site, and their subsequent establishment of The Raffle House where equipment and consumable items made from Grimacite could be won through their "legitimate business". But in any case, should the Mafia return in force, the continued existence of the original Cannon (still visible on the roof of the Cannon Museum) should ensure they do not threaten stability.

On November 1st 2010, during the near-demolition of the Cannon Museum in the Skeleton Invasion, the Huge Cannon disappeared entirely. Whether it was in fact destroyed by the invading skeletons, or whether it was stolen, is not clear - although there is speculation that the Cannon was incorporated into Corman's Bone Star, and destroyed with it on May 17, 2011.

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