The Hippy Camp (Wartime)

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The Hippy Camp (Wartime)
The Hippy Camp (Wartime)
Location The Mysterious Island of Mystery (Wartime)
Undisguised In Disguise
Zone Num 131 133
Unlocks With Level 12 Quest With Frat Boy Ensemble or Frat Warrior Fatigues
Min Stat 0 0
Combat % 0 100
ML 0 - 0 - - -
Terrain unknown unknown
Special adventures
Clover none none
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Once you start the Mysterious Island Quest, you will get a different set of adventures than you normally do at The Hippy Camp. The Hippies will be gearing up for full-scale war against the Frat Boys.

Once the war starts, the Hippy Camp will serve as headquarters, where warriors can buy supplies and from which The Big Wisniewski directs his influence.


You stride confidently into the hippy camp, but your striding gets less and less confident as you go. Hippies line the path through the camp, hissing at you, spitting on you, and calling you mean names. I mean, seriously mean names. I can't even print them here, they're so mean. A funk of hippies blocks the path in front of you, both physically and with an impenetrable stench.

"Look, man, you know we don't judge you, because you have to follow the path you're on, but you're carrying around some serious negative energy and it's throwing off your vibe, you know what I mean?" one says. "You should go and think about your place in the cosmic web of life that connects us all, you know? Try and align your chakras with the music of the spheres, man."

You turn around and head out of the camp, partly because the hippies look like they're ready to go violent, partly because you can't stand the smell, and partly because you don't want to hear any more crap about karma and negative energies and askew chakras.

In War Hippy Fatigues

Once the war begins, the Hippy Camp will serve as a shop for war supplies. You can only shop there in War Hippy Fatigues, though. Regular Hippies are turned away for not being in tune enough. At the shop, you can turn in Orcish items in exchange for dimes-- the Hippies would rather barter with money than dead animals, man.

You walk into the Dimemaster's yurt and wait patiently at the counter. He sits there for a few seconds, staring into space, then slowly realizes you're standing there. "Oh, hey, man," he says. "I didn't see you there. I was just contemplating, like, if cats had wheels, you could have cat races! Wouldn't that be awesome, man?"

Without frat gear in inventory:

  • "Hey, man, you don't have anything to trade in right now. Get out there and put some frat boys back into the karmic cycle of death and rebirth, man!"

With frat gear:

  • "Groovy, man. I see you've been busy. Here's what you can get for turning all that frat gear in, man."
Item: Dimes:
Padl.gif PADL Phone 2
Kicks.gif kick-ass kicks 2
Beerhelmet.gif beer helmet 1
Deminpants.gif distressed denim pants 1
Perfpaddle.gif perforated battle paddle 1
Fratwarpin.gif bejeweled pledge pin 1
Rankring1.gif red class ring 1
Rankring2.gif blue class ring 3
Rankring3.gif white class ring 5
Bottlebuckle.gif bottle opener belt buckle 1
Kegshield.gif keg shield 1
Foamfinger.gif giant foam finger 1
Tongs.gif war tongs 2
Energyiv.gif energy drink IV 3
Elmleys.gif Elmley shades 3
Beerbong.gif beer bong 3

"I can give you x dime(s) for all that gear. Nice work, man."

Without dimes on file:

  • "You don't have any dimes on file, man. You are totally harshing my buzz. Why are you bringing these negative vibes to my yurt, man? Come back when you've got something to trade in!"

With dimes:

  • "You've got x dime(s) back here. Here's what you can get with them."
Item: Cost:
Bong.gif water pipe bomb 1 dime
Ferretbait.gif ferret bait 1 dime
Poultice.gif filthy poultice 2 dimes
Potion2.gif carbonated soy milk 3 dimes
Macramenet.gif macrame net 4 dimes
Shellnecklace.gif fancy seashell necklace 5 dimes
Mpe.gif Hippy Army MPE 10 dimes
Chain.gif Gaia beads 15 dimes
Sandals.gif Lockenstock™ sandals 15 dimes
Leadpipe.gif oversized pipe 20 dimes
Medkit.gif hippy medical kit 25 dimes
Wickershield.gif wicker shield 30 dimes
Digeridoo.gif didgeridooka 35 dimes
Firepoi.gif fire poi 40 dimes
Driftwoodclub.gif giant driftwood sculpture 50 dimes
Sitar.gif massive sitar 50 dimes
Patchbomb.gif patchouli oil bomb 2 dimes
Hackeysack.gif exploding hacky-sack 2 dimes

In the Frat Warrior Fatigues

You can only reach the Hippy Camp during the war by defeating all the Hippies on The Battlefield; before then, you'll get only the following message:

  • You can't make it past all of the hippies to get to their camp.

The Big Wisniewski is the head honcho of all Hippies, and defeating him will end the war.

The Big Wisniewski This monster is a Hippy -- (edit metadata)
  • Item Drops: solid gold bowling ball
  • Meat Drop: None
  • Monster Level: 250 • Substat Gain: 263 • Moxie for No Hit*: 260
  • Monster Defense: 225
  • Hit Points: 2000
  • Initiative: 60
  • Elemental Alignment: stench, weak against cold and sleaze

During a Heavy Rains run, you will instead encounter:

Big Wisnaqua This monster is a Dude -- (edit metadata)
  • Item Drops: Wet Russian
  • Meat Drop: unknown
  • Monster Level: 260 • Substat Gain: 65 • Moxie for No Hit*: 270
  • Monster Defense: 240
  • Hit Points: 2000
  • Initiative: 60
  • Elemental Alignment: None
  • Damage Resistance: ?

During a Pocket Familiars run, you will instead encounter:

Jerry Bradford This monster is a Dude -- (edit metadata)
  • Item Drops: None
  • Meat Drop: None
  • Monster Level: 200 • Substat Gain: 50 • Moxie for No Hit*: 210
  • Monster Defense: 0
  • Hit Points: 0
  • Initiative: 0
  • Elemental Alignment: None
  • Damage Resistance: Indeterminate

During a Dark Gyffte run, you will instead encounter:

Jake Norris This monster is a Dude -- (edit metadata)
  • Item Drops: blue money bag
  • Meat Drop: None
  • Monster Level: 250 • Substat Gain: 62.5 • Moxie for No Hit*: 260
  • Monster Defense: 250
  • Hit Points: 2000
  • Initiative: 300
  • Elemental Alignment: None
  • Damage Resistance: ?



  • "Trading your hours for a handful of dimes..." is a reference to "Five to One" by The Doors.
  • In the game TimeSplitters racing a cat with wheels is one of the mini-games.