The Hidden Tavern

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Pyg nurse.gif
Nearsighted Pygmy Bartender

You walk into the cramped tavern, which seems to have been built in the ruins of an older, much nicer tavern.

The squinty-eyed bartender is apparently too nearsighted to notice that you're not a pygmy, and seems more than willing to sell you some overpriced tiki drinks.

What are you having?
Item: (click for description) Price:
Tikiglass.gif Fog Murderer Meat.gif 500
Cocostraw.gif Cursed Punch Meat.gif 500
Cocostraw2.gif Bowl of Scorpions Meat.gif 500
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Back to the Hidden City

Found in The Hidden City, after using a book of matches.


  • Trying to access the tavern without having it unlocked results in a blue bar "Uh Oh!" with the message underneath:
    It's hidden.