The Hidden Heart of the Hidden Temple (Pikachutlotal)

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The Hidden Heart of the Hidden Temple
The Hidden Heart of the Hidden Temple

You find yourself in what your Adventurer sense tells you is the exact center of the temple.

Your Adventurer sense also allows you to notice a big door set in the north wall. The door is decorated with that little lightning-tailed guy from your father's diary.

There's also a small spiral staircase leading downward in one corner of the room. Oh, and the hallway you came in through. That's also still a thing.

Go through the door (3 Adventures)

Initially with more than 3 adventures:

Leads to At Least It's Not Full Of Trash.

Initially with fewer than 3 adventures:

Something tells you it's gonna take a while to explore what's beyond that door. You don't have the time right now.

If you have unlocked The Hidden City:

You already did everything there is to do on the other side of that door, and you're not eager to do it again.

(This choice does not exit the noncom.)

Go down the stairs

Leads to Confusing Buttons or Unconfusing Buttons.

Go back the way you came

You head back down the hallway you came in, but you apparently don't follow in your own footsteps precisely enough, because you step on a pressure plate. A grinding sound ensues, followed by hundreds of whoosh sounds as countless poisoned darts begin to fly at you from countless tiny holes in the hallway's walls.

Rather than trying to count something I've already described as countless, you instead dance, hop, and leap your way down the hallway, managing to avoid all of the darts.

You gain 76 Cheek.

Well, not quite all of them. As you walk away from the temple, full of swagger and pride, you notice the butt of a dart sticking out of the butt of your body. You pull out the dart, but not before the poison takes hold...

Poison.gifYou acquire an effect: Somewhat Poisoned
(duration: 5 Adventures)

Occurs at The Hidden Temple.