The Hermitage

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"Hermit" and "The Hermit" redirect here. For the opponent from the Deck of Every Card see Hermit (monster)

The Hermitage

The Hermitage in The Big Mountains is home to the Hermit, who will trade your worthless trinkets, worthless gewgaws, and worthless knick-knacks for his stuff. Make sure you have a hermit permit with you.


The Hermit rummages through your sack, and his eyes light up at the sight of your worthless trinket. He leads you deeper into the cave, and points at a collection of items spread out on a filthy carpet. It seems he wants to trade...

You have X tradable items[sic]?

Items Traded

Items for Trade:
Tooth.gif seal tooth
Chisel.gif chisel
Petnoodles.gif petrified noodles
Pepper.gif jabañero pepper
Strings.gif banjo strings
Roll.gif hot buttered roll
Statue.gif wooden figurine
Ketchup.gif ketchup
Ketchup.gif catsup
Volley.gif volleyball
Sealfig4.gif figurine of an ancient seal
(Seal Clubbers only)
Clover.gif ten-leaf clover
(Limit 3-4* per day)


The Hermit looks at you expectantly, and when you don't respond, he points to a crudely-chalked sign on the wall reading "Hermit Permit required, pursuant to Seaside Town Ordinance #3769"[sic]?

Stupid bureaucrats, always ruining everybody's fun with their permits and forms.

You glance behind him and see a bunch of items arrayed on a filthy carpet.
  • With a permit, but without any worthless items:
The Hermit glances at your Hermit Permit, then rummages through your sack. He looks at you with a disappointed sigh -- looks like you don't have anything worthless enough for him to want to trade for it.

You look behind him and see a collection of items arrayed on a filthy carpet:
  • When attempting to trade without selecting an item:
The Hermit looks at you with a confused gleam in his eye.
  • When attempting to trade for more items than you have worthless trinkets:
You don't have enough stuff to trade for that many items.
  • When attempting to trade for a non-numerical amount:
That doesn't make any sense.
  • When making a trade:
You make a trade with the Hermit.
The Hermit looks at you with a sorrowful gleam in his eye. From this, somehow, you are able to infer that he doesn't have enough clovers to make that trade.


  • One hermit permit is required for ALL trades, and it is not consumed.
  • The figurine of an ancient seal is only available if you are a Seal Clubber.
  • It was once widely (and falsely) rumored that the hermit can be killed.
  • The number of clovers available on a given day does not vary randomly from player to player.
  • Those who are under Ronin or Hardcore restrictions may have fewer clovers available for trading than those who are not, depending on how many times they have ascended. Adventurers with 1-5 ascensions will have the same number of clovers available, those with 6-10 ascensions will have 1 fewer clover available, and those with 11 or more ascensions will have 2 fewer clovers available.
  • Using a hermit script will increase your daily allotment of clovers by 1.
  • On St. Sneaky Pete's Day, the Hermit will always have 5 clovers available (or 6, if the hermit script is used). Adventurers in Ronin or Hardcore might have fewer clovers available, as stated above, but they will still have one or two more clover(s) available than they would have on any other day.
  • In a Zombie Slayer run, the Hermit is not home. The first time you visit each day, you get the message:
The Hermit appears to have rolled up his filthy carpet and left for greener pastures.
You poke around in the corners of the cave for a bit, and find a patch of grass near the entrance, with a single ten-leaf clover growing in it. So that's where he gets them!
Clover.gifYou acquire an item: ten-leaf clover
  • Subsequent times, you get the message:
The Hermit appears to have rolled up his filthy carpet and left for greener pastures.
You poke around in the corners of the cave for a bit, but don't find anything of interest. Unless you're interested in long white beard hairs.
Looks like the Hermit took off just before the bombs fell. Curious...


  • A hermitage is, appropriately enough, the cell of a hermit.
  • The hermit doesn't talk unless hacked with the script. This may be a reference to the hermit in Monty Python's Life of Brian.
  • The Dependence Day description suggests that the hermit may be, in fact, Frank Vivala. This seems unlikely, though, since Vivala lived back in the time of Ralph III, and we're currently up to Ralph XI.
  • The ordinance number in the message for not having a permit is one of the many instances of 37 in the Kingdom, as well as a cheeky "69".