The Heart of the Matter

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The Heart of the Matter
The Heart of the Matter

As you walk down the scary tunnel, you begin to hear your heart pounding in your ears. Then you realize that it's not your heart... It's still definitely your ears, though.

You follow the sound and emerge into a root-choked chamber with a massive wooden heart in it, beating relentlessly, waves of cold pouring off of it with every pulse, green liquid dripping from cracks in its bark.

This must be the heart of the Dreadsylvanian Woods. You didn't expect it to be so literal.

Read the heart a story
You pull out the Book of Heartwarming Tales (it's not a real book, you just know a lot of heartwarming tales and you like to pretend that they're from a book,) and read one of them to the heart. The waves of cold subside, and the heartbeat goes from being scary and cold to just scary.

(No more Cold monsters will appear in the forest)

Listen to the heart
You sit cross-legged on the floor of the chamber and listen to the beating of the heart. You nod off and dream of circles -- circles in the sky, circles in the earth, circles in the water. Circles of life. From the deadest bird, to the rottingest buried raccoon corpse, everything is connected. And also dead.
You gain 401 Wizardliness.

Drink some of the green stuff
You collect some of the green stuff in your cupped hands and drink it. You are suffused with a valuable lesson -- even a scary forest is still a forest, and forests are, like, totally full of all kinds of life and nature and stuff.
Bansai.gifYou acquire an effect: Nature's Bounty
(duration: 100 Adventures)

Go straight back from the heart
You don't want anything to do with this heart of darkness. On the way back out of the chamber, you swallow a bug. Gross.

Occurs at Below the Roots in Dreadsylvanian Woods.