The Haiku Dungeon 3

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The Haiku Dungeon
The Haiku Dungeon

You notice a hidden corridor and duck down it.


You make your way further down the corridor.

As you walk along darkened corridors in the haiku dungeon, dragging your fingertips against the walls, you encounter some sort of kung fu dating show. The announcer is a tall man with greasy black hair and a microphone prosthetic instead of one hand. A banner overhead reads; "The Kung Fu Dating Show of Extraordinary Magnitude!" The announcer looks at you and says,

"Choose a ninja, friend.
Make the right choice and advance.
Choose wrong and you're done."

Choose Hung Lo, Large Wang, or Enormous Genitals. Which one will it be?

Give Hung Lo a shot.

Wow, you chose... wisely.
Years of bliss with this ninja?
No, but you may pass.


Man, you chose... poorly.
You get no cool parting gifts,
just a bloody nose.

You have failed the Most Extreme Haiku Dungeon Challenge.

Large Wang's the one you want.

Why did you choose Wang?
Good as a word processor,
not so good to date.

You have failed the Most Extreme Haiku Dungeon Challenge.

Try Enormous Genitals.

Single entendre,
but still the announcer smiles.
You get to go on.


Far too crass, that name.
This is a family game.
Your luck, it stops here.

You have failed the Most Extreme Haiku Dungeon Challenge.

Occurs at The Haiku Dungeon. (Does not occur after you have passed this stage of the Challenge).


  • Part of the Haiku Quest. If this is the first or third room you encounter, the correct response is the five-syllable "Give Hung Lo a shot." If this is the second room, the correct response is the seven-syllable "Try Enormous Genitals." Either way, you move on, either to the next room or to successful completion of the quest.