The Haiku Dungeon 2

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The Haiku Dungeon
The Haiku Dungeon

You notice a hidden corridor and duck down it.


You make your way further down the corridor.

You step into a cavernous round room with a shallow pit in the middle of it. You look up and see spectators on stone steps all around the pit. You step forward and fall into the pit and see a young man drinking out of a bottle with three X's marked on it. His face turns an interesting shade of purple as he drinks. An announcer in a tuxedo steps to the side of the ring and shouts:

"Hail Drunken Master!
Hail our brave new challenger!
Ready to Rumble!"

Looks like you'll have to fight this guy to move forward. How hard can it be, though, to beat up a drunk dude?

Try a roundhouse kick.

You fly through the air,
strike your target in the face.
He greets the pavement.


You leap in the air.
Umm, dude, where's your opponent?
Sharp pain in your groin.

You have failed the Most Extreme Haiku Dungeon Challenge

Offer the guy some more booze.

You whip out some rum.
Your grateful opponent drinks,
then passes out cold.


You hand over rum.
Your opponent drinks, flexes,
and hands you your ass.

You have failed the Most Extreme Haiku Dungeon Challenge

Focus your chi and Hadoken.

You focus your chi,
grunting with the great effort.
Gas escapes your rear.

You have failed the Most Extreme Haiku Dungeon Challenge

Occurs at The Haiku Dungeon. (Does not occur after you have passed this stage of the Challenge).


  • Part of the Haiku Quest. If this is the first or third room you encounter, the correct response is the five-syllable "Try a roundhouse kick." If this is the second room, the correct response is the seven-syllable "Offer the guy some more booze." Either way, you move on, either to the next room or to successful completion of the quest.


  • The 'Hadoken' choice is a reference to Ryu, A character from the Street Fighter series of fighting games, who uses a move called Hadouken.