The Haggling

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The Haggling
The Haggling

An old crone eel swims up to you, smiling with a toothless grin. "Hey there, adventurer," she says, "spare a few sand dollars for an ol' lady? I'm catching me death of cold and I could use a wee bit o' somethin' to warm me old bones, I could, lawks." You try to ignore her and keep swimming, but she keeps hassling you until you spin around to say, "look, just bug off!" and accidentally smack her on the side.

Immediately the world around you turns into slime. Thick, gooey, fishy slime. Looks like that old hag was actually an old hagfish, and the thing that hagfish do best is turn seawater into disgusting viscous glop when threatened. Ergh. Looks like you'll be extra fishy for a while.

Fish.gifYou acquire an effect: Fishy
(duration: 50 Adventures)

Occurs at The Brinier Deepers, semi-rarely.