The H. M. S. Kringle's Workshop

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You go through the hatch to find that there's been some kind of leak from the ship's boiler -- the water in here is piping hot!

You quickly look around -- it appears that the nutcracker-making tools are all still intact.

You've got time to make one thing before the heat gets to be too much... Better make it count!
Item: (click for description) Price:
Nutchat.gif antique nutcracker hat Wlcloth.gif 3 Wlstuffing.gif 3
Nutcbeard.gif antique nutcracker beard Wlstuffing.gif 3
Nutcepaulets.gif antique nutcracker epaulets Wlwood.gif 3 Wlmetal.gif 3
Nutccape.gif antique nutcracker cape Wlcloth.gif 3
Nutccoat.gif antique nutcracker waistcoat Wlcloth.gif 3 Wlstuffing.gif 3 Wlleather.gif 3
Nutcsword.gif antique nutcracker sword Wlwood.gif 3 Wlmetal.gif 3
Nutcdrumstick.gif antique nutcracker drumstick Wlwood.gif 3 Wlstuffing.gif 3 Wlleather.gif 3
Nutcpants.gif antique nutcracker pants Wlcloth.gif 3 Wlleather.gif 3 Wlmetal.gif 3
Nutcboots.gif antique nutcracker boots Wlleather.gif 3 Wlmetal.gif 3
Nutcfigure.gif antique nutcracker figurine Wlwood.gif 3
You have:
Wlcloth.gif X bolts of waterlogged cloth
Wlstuffing.gif X bales of waterlogged stuffing
Wlwood.gif X blocks of waterlogged wood
Wlmetal.gif X chunks of waterlogged metal
Wlleather.gif X scraps of waterlogged leather


SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:]]

You can't stand the heat, so you flee the workshop.


  • Occurs when selecting Go into the workshop in Kringle workshop.
  • To craft one of everything you need 12 of each material.
  • Exiting this screen in any way (such as by attempting to visit inventory or even by reloading the page) will cause you to exit and waste an adventure. Plan what item you want and what you need to craft that item before encountering this adventure! Should you switch away by accident, you can, however, go back to the choice adventure by using the chat command "/go workshop" until you actually buy something.