The Grand Poo-Bah trading card

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The Grand Poo-Bah trading card
The Grand Poo-Bah trading card

This is a trading card depicting KWE star The Grand Poo-Bah. It's printed with a variety of useful information, for varying definitions of 'useful'. And 'information'.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 50 Meat.

(In-game plural: The Grand Poo-Bah trading cards)
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Item number: 2002
Description ID: 555654519
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Obtained From

pack of KWE trading card (0-1)

When Used

You look at the The Grand Poo-Bah trading card. The front has a picture on it.

The Grand Poo-Bah
(Artwork by Cynn)

The back has some statistics printed on it.

Name: The Grand Poo-Bah
Special Moves: Tassel Doff and AKA Driver
Wins: #
Losses: #
Quote: "Fear my fez, you mook!"

Fun Facts:
The Grand Poo-Bah is only slightly taller than a full-grown bugbear!

The Grand Poo-Bah's favorite color is Seafoam!

If you stacked the Grand Poo-Bah and all of the Knights Templer on top of each other, they'd form a tower almost as tall as Spookyraven Manor!

Your friends at KWE remind you that winners don't drink herbal tea!

card 3/16



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