The Gong Has Been Bung

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The Gong Has Been Bung
The Gong Has Been Bung

You get it on, bang a gong, get it on. The reverberating crash of the gong crashes all around you. The gong song fills your ears, white light fills your eyes, and you lose all all memory of where or who you are. All you can do is wait for the gong show to begin.

Three fuzzy shapes appear to you in the white void after the gong's crash, and after a while you can make them out clearly: one is a scuttling cockroach, one a tunneling mole, and one a soaring bird. which destiny will you choose?

Approach the roach

You will yourself toward the shape of the roach. You blink your eyes and suddenly you're crouched on an enormous cobblestone, with huge buildings and gargantuan people looming all around you. You skitter over someone's foot and recoil at the contact: gah, humans are disgusting! You scuttle over to a dark corner to clean yourself.

Cockroach.gifYou acquire an effect: Form of...Cockroach!
(duration: 3 Adventures)

Soul of the mole

You will yourself toward the shape of the mole (black as your soul). You blink your eyes, and find that the light above ground is too bright for your new mole eyes to bear. You tunnel to Mt. McLargeHuge, your mole instincts leading you to the home of all of your brother moles: the mighty Mount Molehill.

Mole.gifYou acquire an effect: Shape of...Mole!
(duration: 12 Adventures)

Bird is the word

You will yourself to the shape of the bird. You blink your eyes and suddenly you have wings instead of hands, talons instead of feet, and a beak instead of a mouth and nose. You don't know where your soul is, and you don't know where your home is; you just want to fly.

Well, at least you don't want to singy singy singy like a bird on the wingy wingy wingy.

Wings.gifYou acquire an effect: Form of...Bird!
(duration: 15 Adventures)

Occurs upon use of a llama lama gong.



  • The "get it on, bang a gong, get it on" line is a reference to the song "Get It On" by T. Rex (released in the US as "Bang a Gong".)
  • The Gong Show was a 70's TV series.
  • The "wingy wingy wingy" line is a reference to the Madonna song "Impressive Instant".
  • The names of the effects refer to the superhero duo The Wonder Twins.
  • The line "black as your soul" refers to the Nine Inch Nails song "Head Like a Hole".
  • Not knowing where your soul or your home is, and wanting to fly are all referring to Nelly Furtado's song "I'm Like A Bird".
  • The "Bird is the Word" option is a reference to the song "Surfin' Bird" by The Trashmen, or perhaps "The Bird is the Word" by The Rivingtons.