The Gingerbread Warehouse

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Candy ranges

The Gingerbread Warehouse
The Gingerbread Warehouse

In the middle of the Gumdrop Forest, you stumble onto a long forgotten warehouse, filled with military equipment left over from the Gingerbread Wars.

It looks like the building hasn't been looted... yet.

Wall-building stuff
You grab some military-grade lumber and fix up your walls.
Wallshield.gif +1 Wall Strength
Biological warfare stuff
You collect a big glass jar of poison and schlep it back to your house.
Poison.gif +1 Poison Jar
Air defense stuff
You manage to assemble a functional anti-aircraft turret and haul it back to your house using a jeep which you also assembled. But then you drive the jeep into the lake, so don't get excited about having a jeep now.
Aaturret.gif +1 Anti-Aircraft Turret
Delicious rations
You rummage through a bunch of crates of rations and collect as much candy as you can carry.

Candypile.gif +155 Candy


In a secret bunker beneath the warehouse, you find a massive stash of candy, just like that whispering voice said you would.
Candypile.gif +922-954 Candy
(If hearing the whispering leading here)

Occurs in Gumdrop Forest.