The Gigantic Superfluous Fountain

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The Gigantic Superfluous Fountain

The Gigantic Superfluous Fountain once stood in the center of the Market Square from March 2, 2006 until it was destroyed by invading skeletons October 29, 2010.


  • The Gigantic Superfluous Fountain was added to Market Square after the appearance of the The Armory and Leggery, which made it more of a market rectangle than square. The fountain fixed this nicely.
  • The Gigantic Superfluous Fountain was four times as large as any shop in Market Square (it took up two squares by two squares) and was located in the middle of the square. Previously, Market Square was a block of stores arranged in a 3x3 square; with the addition of the Armory, it became a 4x3 rectangle with 2 empty spaces. With the addition of the fountain, the Square became a 4x4 square, with the 10 stores are arranged around the periphery of the fountain (and a blank space in the top right corner).
  • On Generic Summer Holiday, it was possible to go for a swim in the The Gigantic Superfluous Fountain.
  • On October 29, 2010, the Fountain was completely destroyed by skeletons. When the town was rebuilt on November 5, 2010, A Reasonably-Sized Fountain was erected in its place instead.