The Frigid Air

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Meat range?

The Frigid Air
The Frigid Air

As you're meandering between the igloos and snowmen of Exposure Esplanade, something catches your eye -- a discarded refrigerator. But unlike the other discarded refrigerators around here, its doors aren't wide open, cooling off the entire neighborhood.

No, the doors on this one are locked. With big padlocks made of steel. Cold steel. You sense that you have exactly enough time to pry open either the freezer or the refrigerator before somebody sees you, but that trying to pry both of them open would be pushing it. Pushing it real good.

Pry open the freezer

You pry open the freezer, and find that it's filled to bursting with frozen dinners. You try to take one, but when you pull it out, they all come out at once.

Banquet.gifYou acquire an item: frozen banquet

Pry open the fridge

You struggle and struggle, and when you've finally managed to pry the fridge open, you find that it contains a big pile of frozen Meat! Richard pops out of a nearby steam tunnel and says "Hey, great! I'll thaw this out for you and take it upstairs."

Meat.gif8,048-11,935 Meat has been deposited in your clan coffer.

Pry yourself away from the situation

You resist the temptation to pry, and wander back toward the Esplanade.

Occurs at Exposure Esplanade.


  • Choosing to leave does not consume an adventure.
  • The fridge and freezer can be raided a total of five times (shared between the two) per Hobopolis instance. After that, this adventure will no longer occur during the current instance.


  • Frigidaire is a brand of refrigerator.
  • "Pushing it real good" in the description is probably a reference to the Salt-N-Pepa song, "Push It", with the chorus, "Push it, push it real good!"