The Floor Is Yours

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The Floor Is Yours
The Floor Is Yours

An ear-splitting steam whistle blows and the employees of the factory flee the floor en masse.

Looks like you've got a good opportunity to burn the midnight oil, here, assuming you can get to it before the ambient temperature burns it without your intervention.

You survey the arrayed machinery.

Use the wire puller

You look through your sack and can't find anything appropriate to stick into the wire puller.

You shove a gold nugget into the wire puller and turn it on.

Goldwire.gifYou acquire an item: thin gold wire

Use the kiln

You don't have anything readily kilnable.

You grab a New Age healing crystal out of your sack and toss it into the kiln. A few moments later it has expanded into a perfectly-formed bottle!

Lbottle1.gifYou acquire an item: empty lava bottle

Use the squirter

You don't have anything appropriate for the squirter to squirt into.

You shove a bottle into the receptacle of the squirter. It activates, filling the bottle with a weird translucent fluid.

Lbottle2.gifYou acquire an item: full lava bottle

Use the glob dyer

You don't have any globs. Well, you don't have any appropriate globs.

With viscous lava globs leads to Dyer Maker

Use the bulber

You don't have anything bulbable enough to put into the bulber. Isn't it weird how bulber stops looking like a word the very first time you write it?

Or, with a glowing New Age crystal in inventory:

You stick a glowing New Age crystal into the bulber. True to its name, it forms the crystal into a bright-burning light bulb.

Crysbulb.gifYou acquire an item: crystalline light bulb

Use the chassis assembler

It looks like you don't have the stuff you need in order to use this machine. A diagram on a nearby poster shows a light bulb, an insulated wire, and a sheet of heatproof metal.

Or, with crystalline light bulb, heat-resistant sheet metal, and insulated gold wire in inventory:

You put a light bulb, an insulated wire, and a sheet of heatproof metal into the assembler and hit the button. There is some clicking, some clanking, some hissing, and some whirring, after which a fully-formed lamp chassis emerges from the machine.

Lavachassis.gifYou acquire an item: LavaCo™ Lamp housing

Sabotage the machine

You randomly flip switches and disconnect hoses until one of the factory machines blows a fuse. Take that, industry!

Fuse.gifYou acquire an item: fused fuse

Leave the machine alone

You aren't getting paid for this.

Occurs at LavaCo™ Lamp Factory.


  • Leaving the machine alone does not consume a turn.