The Fighters of Fighting

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Damage range of moves and combos
The Fighters of Fighting

The Fighters of Fighting game cabinet is located in The Game Grid Arcade.

Reality fades away as you grab the ridiculously complex controls.

You're standing on a dirt road, facing <fighter>. <She> doesn't look too happy. You try to step to your left, then to your right, to get out of the road, but you can only move forward and backward. Weird.

A deep, growling voice from nowhere says, "<playername> Vs. <fighter>. FIGHT!"

"No thanks, I'm a lover, not a fighter," you say, looking around for the source of the voice. When you look up, you see a black rectangle floating over you, and one floating over your opponent.

<fighter introduction>

Man, who would have thought a game called the Fighters of Fighting would involve physical altercations of some sort?


Please see the following pages for all the fighter messages (introductions are below):

"Este es el momento en que ellos quien tienen algo que decir deben decirlo antes de que se reciben unas nalgadas seriosas!"
"Hurry and get hurt! Thorny must pick up Thorny's laundry at the dry cleaners croak croak!"
"It's time to cook you dinner! We're having fillet of soul -- YOUR soul!"
"For the honor of my ancestors I will make you wish you never left your mother's pouch ha ha!"
"This is merely a game within a game within a game, copper-top! Open up your eyes before they're swollen shut! By my punches!"
"Some seriously underqualified loser wants to try and take out the Chosen One? Must be Tuesday."

If you've won:

Game Over!

You Win!

Score: X

There is a satisfying whirring noise as the cabinet spits out some tickets:

Ggticket.gifYou acquire X/1,000 Game Grid tickets

If you've lost:

Game Over!

You Lose!

Score: X

There is a satisfying whirring noise as the cabinet spits out some tickets:

Ggticket.gifYou acquire X/1,000 Game Grid tickets


Each round, you are told what move your opponent is trying to perform, and given a choice of 6 counter moves: 3 are punches, 3 are kicks. The results of a particular combination of attack and counter are predictable, though they vary for each fighter.

  • For a given attack, three of the counters result in a miss, and three result in distinct types of hit, depending on the crowd response
    • The two best hits will always involve the same type of attack
Crowd response Points Opponent damage Self damage
Disapproval 0 15-20 12-18
Lukewarm 500 7-13 3-7
Enthusiastic 1000 15-20 0
  • Performing three of the same type of attack (punches or kicks) in a row results in a combo
    • Combo names are random
    • Combos add 350 points and deal 5-12? damage.
  • Performing three hits that invoke disapproval in a row results in a combo.
    • These combos add 500 points and deal 5-10? damage.
    • The 350-point combos override the 500-point combos.
  • You receive 2000 additional points for a win
  • A flawless victory (taking no damage) awards an extra 1000 points


The best possible set of counters for each fighter is:

Fighter Head Kick Groin Kick Leg Sweep Throat Punch Gut Punch Knee Punch
Vaso De Agua GP KP TP LS HK GK
Thorny Toad TP GP KP HK GK LS
Morbidda GK HK LS TP KP GP
Serenity LS GK HK GP TP KP
Kitty the Zmobie Basher HK LS GK KP GP TP