The Far Future (Speak to Doctor)

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Starship Name :: In (room)
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You approach Dr. McUrcher, "What's up Doc?"

"What are we even doing out here?"

"Dammit <PlayerName>, I'm a doctor of medicine, not philosophy," Dr. McLa Furge says.

"I do know that our job is to explore the galaxy and that if we want to get retire quietly with a bunch of medals when we return to Starfleet we have to learn all we can without losing any crew or killing any lifeforms we encounter."

"What do you think we should do?"

"Well, I've been talking to Primary Ensign La Firge and he's explained some information about the Jaden race to me."

"Do you have ten minutes to talk about them?"


Borg Scenario
"Dammit <PlayerName>, I'm a Doctor, not an IT Specialist," Dr. McUhira complains, "but, as I understand it, computer vision is one of the hardest areas of computer research and the Metalhives rely heavily on their cybernetic implants."

"Some of their hardware may be kinda soft, is what you're saying?"

Dr. McRuker groans, "Anyways, <PlayerName>, if we can trick their vision sensors, we may be able to prevent assimilation."

Cloud Scenario "Dammit <PlayerName>, I'm a Doctor, not a chemist," Dr. McLa Furge complains, "but analysis of the remote tricorder data leads me to believe that this consuming cloud is made entirely of one gaseous element."

"It's just full of hot air, you're saying!"

Dr. McChakov groans, "Anyways, <PlayerName>, if we could analyze the cloud more closely, Dougy may be able to do something."

Crystalline Race Scenario
"Dammit <PlayerName>, I'm a Doctor, not a geologist," Dr. McDucker complains, "but, did you notice on the viewscreen, the density of their crystalline structures isn't homogenous. I think they've got organs."

"A bunch of hard-hearted folks is what you're saying?"

Dr. McDecker groans, "Anyways, <PlayerName>, if you could pinpoint the location of those organs, a phaser might do the trick."

Emoticon Scenario
"Dammit <PlayerName>, I'm a Doctor, not a counselor," Dr. McChakov complains, "but the actual Counselor told me that she Sensed the Chattons were both communicating with and feeding on emotional emissions."

You suggest, "Nothing like eating your emotions, am I right?"

Dr. McDecker groans, "Anyways, <PlayerName>, if we could find a way to separate some of the Chattons, that may weaken them."

Warrior Scenario
"Dammit <Player Name>, I'm a Doctor, not a sociologist," Dr. McDucker complains, "but, I know something about Waron culture. Their language is complicated and the meaning of words varies based on the relationship of the speaker and listener. They spend almost as much time learning to speak as they do training with a phaser."

"Quick on the draw and slow with the drawl, you might say," you quip.

Dr. McLa Farge groans, "Anyways, <Player Name>, you're going to have to really practice with a phaser if you hope to fend them off."

"Great, I'll see what I can do."

Returns you back to the first choices

"Not right now"

Returns you back to the first choices

Offer Ferengish Hooch to Dr. McChakov

"Well, Doc, might as well drink this Blastulon Rum."

"<PlayerName>, haven't I warned you about your blood pressure. I'll take that off your hands, though."

I guess this conversation is over

Returns you to the room you were in

Occurs in The Far Future and choosing "Speak to <Doctor>".