The Far Future (Speak to Counselor Officer)

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Starship Name :: In the <Room>
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Needs options for sharing booze, and other morale messages.

"Hello, Counselor Troi."

"Greetings, <PlayerName>."

"What do you sense about crew morale?"

low morale
"Honestly, <PlayerName>, you haven't done anything for crew morale in weeks. They're pretty low."

okay morale
"The crew is doing well. I'm sure they won't readily panic."

medium morale
"All your effort is paying off. The crew is ready for anything."

high morale
"I have never sensed a more excited or loyal crew. We could fly through a emotion depleting Garzon nebula and come out fine."

very high morale
"The crew is so excited and loyal, my neuro-receptors are going to blow out soon. I think there's barely any room for improvement."

maximum morale
"I think the crew is ready to swim across an ocean, wrestle a bull, and date a Deltan if you ask them too[sic], <PlayerRank>. They can't possibly feel any better."

"What are you feeling?"

Borg scenario

"I sense a desire for order, a rigid unbending unified mind."

Crystalline scenario

"I sense a desire for peace and harmony."

Cloud scenario

Before the cloud alien appears on the bridge:

"I can almost get a sense of the cloud's emotional state, but it's not close enough."

When boozed-up Counselor and cloud are both on the bridge:

"Oh, wow, <PlayerName>, I can feel the cloud's ... emotions. I think that Blue Merlot splayed my neural-receptors wide open."
"The cloud has emotions?"
"Well, they are primitive, but they are there. I sense a great need to be loved, a sense that if it expands far enough, it will find a sense of belonging."
"Great, can you tell it to expand elsewhere?"
"I will try and convey your message, <PlayerName>, but it may continue until if[sic] feels that sense of peaceful acceptance"
"Wait, ok, Counselor Troi, tell it that we won't give up on it."
"I'm emoting that, <PlayerName>."
"Now, let it know that we won't let it down."
"It's hard to translate in to raw emotion, but I'm working on it."
"Make it feel that we won't run around and desert it."
"This is getting weird."
"Let it know that we won't make it cry or say goodbye."
"Don't we want it to say goodb... uh, <PlayerRank>, the cloud just mentally groaned and has left my emotive range."
"Well, I'm not going to tell you a lie or hurt you, Counselor Troi, but you wouldn't have gotten this solution from any other <PlayerRank>."

After returning to stardock, there is a grand parade and an awards ceremony; after all, you did resolve the situation without loss of life!
Just as your commanding officer is pinning a second medal to your uniform, you feel yourself being pulled back from the future.
"Well," you think, "at least I have the memory of earning <#> medals in the future."

You earn 2 medals in the future for this solution

Emoticon scenario

"I sense a hunger - no a need - for emotion and interaction."

Warrior scenario

"I sense anger and agression."

If you have shared the booze with the Counselor:
"I'm also feeling quite tipsy. Blue Merlot always has that effect on me."

Offer Blue Merlot to Counselor Droi

"Let's have a drink, Counselor Proi," you suggest.

"That sounds nice, <PlayerRank>. We'll toast the ingenious way in which we'll eventually escape this situation!"

You each take a sip out of the bottle and Counselor Proi continues, "Oh dear, I forgot how Blue Merlot unleashed my empathy. I can feel everyone on this ship."

The counselor takes the bottle and drains the remainder in one gulp.

"Wow, <PlayerName>, er, <PlayerRank>. I'll be in your bunk. I mean, I'll be on the bridge in case you need me."

"I'll see you later, Counselor Proi."

Returns you back to the first choices

Occurs in the The Far Future and choosing "Speak to <Counselor>".