The Far Future (In the Turbolift)

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Starship Entrepreneurialism:: In the Turbolift
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You quickly scoot into the turbolift, which is connected to the major parts of the ship.

It has been <n> minutes since you first heard the red alert.

You are holding a flute/a visor/a phaser/a tricoder/<booze>.
You are an adequate computer user/able programmer/amazing hacker.
You are an adequate/able/amazing flautist.
You are an adequate/able/amazing ship's gunner.
You are adequate/able/amazing with a phaser.

Wait a minute
Play the flute for a while

This doesn't seem like an appropriate place to play the flute.

Use the visor

You put the visor over your eyes and examine the Turbolift. It's as though you are reading rainbow colored output of everything's energy emissions. Far out. This gets boring after about a minute.

Consult the Tricorder

Taking out the tricorder, you spend a minute scanning the area.

The ship's walls all radiate faint dilithium energy.

Take the <item>
Go to the Bridge
Go to Engineering
Go to the Lounge
Go to the Holofloor

Occurs as a consequence of using your Time-Spinner and choosing "Visit the Far Future".