The Far Future (In the Lounge)

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Starship Roamer :: In the Lounge
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You are in the lounge. Crew members are hanging around at tables, drinking and playing games. Off to one side, some members are fiddling with various instruments.

It has been <n> minutes since you first heard the red alert.

Wait a minute
Play the flute for a while

You join the group off to the side, and jam for a bit. It's not your style of music, so it's a struggle, but everyone in the lounge seems really excited to see you having fun.

Consult the Tricorder

Taking out the tricorder, you spend a minute scanning the area.

If present: Counselor Belnorri is giving off weak neuro-receptor feedback.

The ship's walls all radiate faint dilithium energy.

Speak to Ultimate Chief La Farge
Speak to Counselor Belnorri
Speak to Dr. McRuker
Enter the Turbolift

Occurs as a consequence of using your Time-Spinner and choosing "Visit the Far Future".


  • Playing the flute will raise moral, and is necessary for 2 medals in the Emoticon scenario.