The Far Future (In the Bridge)

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Starship Company :: In the Bridge
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Needs more message about the status of the alien and ship morale

The names for Counselor, Communications, Science officers seem to be random. Needs randomizer

After a minute, you reach the Bridge.
"At your service," announces First Sergeant Uhura, the Communications Officer.

First time?

"<PlayerRank>, we've scanned a hostile vessel in our vicinity. They are requesting to speak with you," First Sergeant Uhura informs you.

If you have paged your ship counselor

"At your service," announces Morale Officer Feelix, the Ship's Counselor.

If you have paged your science officer

Fourth Petty Officer Geordi is here, ready to act as Science Officer.

If you have paged the doctor

Your Doctor, Dr. McOrcher, is here.

With bad(?) morale

You better do something for the ship's morale, this place is feeling pretty near-mutiny-ish.
Everywhere you look, there's a crew member scared and shaken.
It has been <n> minutes since you first heard the red alert.

You are holding a flute/a visor/a phaser/a tricoder/<booze>.
You are an adequate computer user/able programmer/amazing hacker.
You are an adequate/able/amazing flautist.
You are an adequate/able/amazing ship's gunner.
You are adequate/able/amazing with a phaser.

Wait a minute
You kill a few moments humming a vaguely remembered space shanty.
You reminisce about that crazy adventure with the whales for a few minutes.
You're momentarily distracted formulating the outline for your forthcoming biographies, "I am not <PlayerName>" and "I am <PlayerName>".

If you have the Tricorder

Consult the Tricorder

Taking out the tricorder, you spend a minute scanning the area.

If Counselor is present: Morale Officer Heelix is giving off weak neuro-receptor feedback.

The ship's walls all radiate faint dilithium energy.

If cloud alien is present: The cloud appears to be made of colored hydrogen.

If you have the flute

Play the flute for a while

This doesn't seem like an appropriate place to play the flute.

If you have the visor

Use the visor

You put the visor over your eyes and examine the Bridge. It's as though you are reading rainbow colored output of everything's energy emissions. Far out. This gets boring after about a minute.

If there is an item here

Take the <item>

If you have booze in hand

Drink the Ferengish Hooch

This might not be the time to single-handedly empty a bottle of Ferengish Hooch.

Speak to Dr. McWorf
Speak to Morale Officer Heelix
Speak to Replacement Petty Officer Splick
Speak to Third Ensign Decker
Speak to Replacement Sergeant Uhura

If you haven't spoken to the aliens yet. Once you have spoken to them you will need to Speak to Uhura in order to speak to them again.

Speak with the alien
Sit at the Weapons Console
Go to your Quarters
Enter the Turbolift

Occurs as a consequence of using your Time-Spinner and choosing "Visit the Far Future".