The End of the Tale of Spelunking

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The End of the Tale of Spelunking
The End of the Tale of Spelunking

Is it time for this tale to come to an end?

If you have time remaining:

I'm only asking because the ghost isn't here yet -- you could totally still spelunk some more if you wanted to...

Close the book on this adventure

If you have no gold:

You throw the book into the garbage without reading any of it. Take that, tales of adventure!


You finish the book and toss it into the nearest garbage can. Next to the can, you see a sack with a tag labeled "FOR <PLAYER>"

You open the sack, and it's full of Meat!

Meat.gifYou gain some Meat.

<Top 10 leaderboard scores, title Today's best spelunkers, columns: Player, Score>

If you placed on the leaderboard:

CONGRATULATIONS! -- You hit today's Spelunking leaderboard!

See you next time!

Stick around a while

Occurs when quitting the Tales of Spelunking.


  • You gain 3 times as much Meat as you had gold.
  • Your leaderboard position is determined by your score, which is the amount of gold you have at the end of the run.
  • If you are in one of the top 3 leaderboard spots at the end of the day, you earn a reward:
  • Upon finishing, you are healed to your normal character's maximum HP and MP, including passive bonuses, but excluding effects.