The Deep Fat Friars' Gate

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The Deep Fat Friars' Gate
The Deep Fat Friars' Gate
Zone Num 79
Location Copse of the Deep Fat Friars
Unlocks unknown
Recom Stat 29
Combat % 95
ML 40 - 52
Terrain indeterminate
Special Adventures
Lucky None
Ultra Rare Hypnotist of Hey Deze
Bad Moon Oil Be Seeing You
refreshedit data
The Deep Fat Friars' Gate was located in the Copse of the Deep Fat Friars, but did not become visible until you had been given the Deep Fat Friars' Gate Quest. Once the quest was completed, you could adventure here. You would encounter adventures from The Dark Neck, The Dark Heart, and The Dark Elbow of the Woods, as well as a few new adventures. All monsters here had Hot Resistance.

On January 20th, 2011, the gate was changed to provide a direct portal to Pandamonium, and all the monsters inside took up residence in the Pandamonium Slums. However, some non-adventures have been retired.

If your main stat wasn't high enough, you would see the following message:

You should not be here.
(You must have at least 29 <stat> to adventure here.)

Retired Adventures

Der Bierdieb

Friar No More
  • Meat Drops: 150

On Wings of Fire

Exclam.gif Bureaucracy of the Damned
Bureaucracy of the Damned

We're on a Bridge!

It's a Good Ship!

Going Ballet Up


  • Along with the other fast food references, the term "Deep Fat Friars" refers to deep fat fryers.
  • The picture for the Deep Fat Friars' Gate is a reference to the five stones in Diablo II that open a portal to Tristram.