The Cyrpt

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The Cyrpt is located in The Nearby Plains. It is unlocked at level 7, after receiving the Undefile the Cyrpt Quest.

Note that after you have undefiled the Cyrpt, the monsters here will replace the monsters at The Misspelled Cemetary, except for the subbosses and The Bonerdagon. Count Bakula does not get replaced.

It Contains:

The inside of this cyrpt is amazingly cruddy. Caskets burst open, bones strewn everywhere, zombies shambling up and down the halls… honestly, modern funereal practices are the shabbiest you've ever seen, and you once conquered a culture that stuffed their dead into hollow logs, lit them on fire, and threw them off a cliff. Don't they have any sense of decorum in this age? It's disgusting!
Maybe you ought to go ahead and clean this place up a bit, while you're here. Force some of these ghuols and whatnots to sit down and behave themselves properly. If there's one thing you've learned about governing in your… however many years it's been, it's to lead by example. And if that doesn't work, by crushing, unambiguous force.

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