The Cyrkle Is Compleat

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The Cyrkle Is Compleat
The Cyrkle Is Compleat

At the center of the Faerie Cyrkle, you encounter one of those things that's like an outdoor shower, but instead of water coming out there's glitter.

There's a sign that says "STAND UNDER STREAM FOR PROTECTIVE FAERIE BLESSING." Some fine print underneath says that the protective blessing is not guaranteed, and in any case is only effective against ghouls, and only ghouls within a mile of the source of the blessing. Huh. What a weirdly specific thing.

If wearing a FantasyRealm Rogue's Mask:

Your mask's heads-up display reveals an umarked[sic] (except by cobwebs) path leading to the lair of something called the "Spider Queen." Sounds pretty safe!

Get a faerie blessing

You stand under the shower of glitter for what feels like an hour. And the reason it feels like an hour is because it is an hour. Your G. E. M. beeps to confirm this.

Faeriedust.gifYou acquire an effect: Fantasy Faerie Blessing
(duration: 100 Adventures)

Take some faerie dust with you

You spend an hour fashioning a container out of dead leaves and spit, and then fill it up with glitter from the shower. Your G. E. M. beeps.

Faeriedust.gifYou acquire an item: faerie dust

(With Rogue's Mask):

Go to the Spider Queen's Lair

You spend an hour picking your way through the cobwebs to get to the Spider Queen's lair. Your G. E. M. beeps just as you extricate yourself from the final strand of web.

(Unlocks The Spider Queen's Lair)

Leave for now

You'll come back to this magick cyrkle later.

Occurs at The Faerie Cyrkle.