The Currency Exchange

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The Currency Exchange
The Currency Exchange

You pry open the door to the currency exchange with your crowbar, and an alarm immediately goes off. You survey the piles of currency behind the desk, but you're only going to have time to grab one thing before you have to flee.

What's it gonna be?

Get some Meat (5000 Meat)

You grab as much as you can carry and then beat feet with your Meat.

Meat.gifYou gain 5,000 Meat.

Get a fat loot token (1 Loottoken.gif)

You grab one of those Dungeoneer's Association tokens and hit the road.

Loottoken.gifYou acquire an item: fat loot token

Get some sprinkles (250 Sprinkles.gif)

You grab as many sprinkles as you can fit in your hands and make a run for it.

Sprinkles.gifYou acquire 250 sprinkles

Get a diamond (1 Baconstone.gif)

You grab the prettiest looking lump of coal you can find and take off.

Baconstone.gifYou acquire an item: priceless diamond

Get the scales (5 Scale3.gif)

On balance, you think you'd prefer the scales. You grab them and go.

Scale3.gifYou acquire 5 pristine fish scales

Occurs as a choice of Midnight at the Train Station.