The Curious Monkey

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
The Curious Monkey

A monkey sits in a chair in the middle of the street. Next to the monkey is a sign. On the sign is a message:

"1,000 items = 1 banana. Eek eek."


  • After it has been given items:

You have given the monkey X items.

  • Once you get a banana:

You have given the monkey X items, and received [X/1000] banana(s).

Give the monkey <inventory list> Give

When Given Items

You give the monkey Y items.
  • Alternately, after every 1000 items:
You give the monkey Y items.
Club.gifYou acquire an item: seal-clubbing club


  • This page was found on January 20, 2006 through URL manipulation. The page was subsequently removed by Xenophobe after its existence was leaked in the forums.
  • The monkey page was not completed, and as a result, its broken image was not drawn and the banana item was not implemented. Because the banana was not implemented, the page defaulted to giving item #1 instead, the seal-clubbing club.
  • Over a year later, the banana item finally did appear in the kingdom, offered by a mysterious trader.


  • This monkey is likely a nod to Curious George, another monkey that was curious.