The Crimboween Spooky Cafe

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
The Crimboween Spooky Cafe

The Crimboween Spooky Cafe was located in Crimbotown Right-About-Now.

C'thgn'frg C'thgn'frg, the Elder Chef

"Come closer, plebeian individual, and savor the piquancy of my salubrious, though phantasmal, comestibles! They're so delectable, they'll make you delirious with ecstasy!"

Items Sold

gingerbread massacre gingerbread massacre (50 meat, 3 fullness)
It Came From Beyond Dessert It Came From Beyond Dessert (75 meat, 4 fullness)
vampire cake vampire cake (100 meat, 5 fullness)
ecto-nog ecto-nog (50 meat, 3 drunkenness)
hot toady hot toady (75 meat, 4 drunkenness)
hot choculate hot choculate (100 meat, 5 drunkenness)


  • The picture for the storeowner resembles common depictions of Cthulhu. His name, title, and florid language are all references to the literary style of H. P. Lovecraft.