The Crimbo Resistance Headquarters

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Edwing Abbidriel
Edwing Abbidriel

Without collecting last reward from Don Crimbo:

"You should go see Don Crimbo and accept your reward for defeating me. And get your bounties on the buttons you beat up my brave young compatriots for. No, really. You've earned it."

First Mission

"There was a major blow to the resistance while you rested last night, [Player Name]! We had planned a raid to steal some of Don Crimbo's meat stockpile and redistribute it to the needy. But somehow, the penguins knew all about our plan! We barely made it out of there with our little elven skins intact!
There must be a leak, somewhere; there's some traitor in our midst who is tipping off the penguins. A stool penguin, if you will. If you use your special brand of persuasion on the penguins in the Crimbo Compound, I'm sure you'll find the culprit."

Second Mission

"The penguin oppressors dealt the resistance another setback, [Player Name]. Some of our most loyal elves put down their instruments of sabotage and returned to work today! They all had kind of a glassy look in their eyes -- even moreso than elves normally do -- and they just kept saying, "must work. Work for the Don. Happy Crimbo." It was actually pretty freaky. Unless you can find the penguin who's doing this, I'm afraid our revolution is at a standstill."

Third Mission

"Curses on these vile penguin oppressors! They somehow managed to creep into the elven barracks while we slept, and they stole every single monkey wrench, propaganda poster, and pair of bolt-cutters that we had! I can't imagine the stealth and cunning you'd need to pull something like that off, and it's not just because all of my imagination is devoted to imagining a world free of penguin martial law. We'll try to rebuild our tools of resistance, but we need you to find the responsible penguin, or they'll just steal it all again."

Fourth Mission

"The resistance lost a lot of good elves last night, [Player Name]. Several of our best operatives were fitted with cement shoes and tossed into the pond! Huh? Oh, it's behind the Casino. It doesn't show up on your map.
Anyway, the pond's frozen over, so they're all just hanging out on the ice, but they're no good to the resistance with their feet encased in concrete! See if you can find the penguin responsible, and give him a good whacking, okay? Do it for Steveborn Boltcutter, and Katiedriel Wrenchtosser, and Brucerond Wirecrosser, and . . . just go do it, okay?"

Fifth Mission

"This is it, [Player Name]! We finally have the strength in numbers to challenge Don Crimbo himself. If you can clear a path through all the penguin goons to the Don himself, you can tell him that all the elves are on your side, and that his reign is over! If you can get him to give you the Crimbo hat, his time as our monarch is over. Then we just need to free the Crimbomination, get him back in the Crimbo spirit, and the holiday is saved for the Elfretariat! Go forth and conquer!"

First Four Missions Completed

"The resistance is chugging along smoothly. Big things are in the works. I can't say anymore than that. Come back later, and I might have another task you can do to redeem yourself."

Fifth Mission Complete

Edwing leads you over to some kind of half-built contraption. It looks a little like a broom, a little like a crossbow, and a little like a spear. "This is what we have so far. We need something that will hold the Crimbomination at bay while we re-educate him. We just need a few more parts, like something to distract him --"
"How about this spiraling shape?"
"Yeah, that'll do it. But it's useless without something to mount it to --"
"You could use this cardboard elf ear."
"Perfect. But we need some pointy bits to keep him from getting to close."
You could bend up the tines on this grappling hook, " you say.
"Perfect! But no, no, the tines are too sharp. We don't want to hurt him."
"Just blunt them on this chunk of cement."
"Wow, you've got all the answers! Now we just need to attach it to this battery, somehow -- there's no way you have a handful of wires, I suppose."
"Nope, got 'em right here," you say.
"Now we should attach some propaganda to the back, to motivate the person using it. But we're out of --"
"Agitprop ink? Got some right here," you say.
"Perfect! But this broom handle's way too long to hold it and operate the spiral, too. Well, that's it. Crimbo is doomed."
"No, we can just weld these headless bolts onto this wrench handle and use that for the handle."
"Perfect! Now, the last thing we need is a big-breasted, naked, female Crimbo elf."
"Why do you need that?"
"Well, I just figured, y'know, you had everything else.." Edwing tinkers with the contraption for a few more minutes, then hands it to you.
Crimcontrap.gifYou acquire an item: Crimbomination Contraption

Before December 25:

"Now we just have to get the Crimbomination to stop smashing things so we can approach him. My operatives should be ready for you by tomorrow."

Additional visits before December 25:

"We haven't gotten the Crimbomination calmed down enough to approach yet. Try back tomorrow."

On or after December 25:

"Quick, go under the Compound and start waving this at the Crimbomination!"

Upon Completion

There's nothing left to do there.


  • After fighting Edwing Abbidriel, the Toy Factory is no longer an adventurable location, but The Crimbo Resistance Headquarters.
  • Receiving the Crimbomination Contraption will remove all the bolded items you've collected from your inventory.


  • In the fourth mission, the elven names are mundane-sounding counterparts to Celeborn, Galadriel, and Elrond from The Lord of the Rings.