The Crackpot Mystic's Psychoses

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The Crackpot Mystic's Psychoses are accessed by using a jar of psychoses (The Crackpot Mystic).

Jar bg.gif
Anger Man's Level (1)
Fear Man's Level (1)
Doubt Man's Level (1)
Regret Man's Level (1)
Back to your campsite

The Crackpot Mystic's Psychoses contains four zones:


  • Entering each zone gives you a mandatory zone effect:
Zone Effect What it does
Anger Man's Level Consumed by Anger Base Muscle/Myst/Moxie Limited to 30
You can only attack
Doubt Man's Level Consumed by Doubt Base Muscle Limited to 10
Base Myst/Moxie Limited to 30
Fear Man's Level Consumed by Fear Base Muscle/Myst Limited to 30
Base Moxie Limited to 10
Regret Man's Level Consumed by Regret Base Muscle/Moxie Limited to 30
Base Myst Limited to 10
  • You will get the zone effect any time you enter that zone and don't already have it. Getting it does not cost an adventure.
  • Clicking the face gives the following text:
This... This isn't me.

This isn't me.

This isn't me.

  • Clicking the face also removes any of the zone effects.
  • The noncombat adventures are all scheduled to appear every 8 adventures. Resulting in a cycle of 7 combats followed by 1 noncombat.
  • Each requires you to overcome two test noncombats before reaching the bossfight noncombat. Each test noncombat offers you the choice to get a Flickering pixel if you meet the harder criteria, you may choose to skip the noncombat if you are unprepared, it will appear again in 8 adv. After collecting all 8 flickering pixels you can create Byte. However, each pixel can be gotten only once per account ever.
Location Pass Flickering Pixel
Anger Man's Level 1st NC Survive 250 Hot Damage 25 Hot Res
Anger Man's Level 2nd NC 50 Mox, Mys, & Mus 500 Mox, Mys, & Mus
Doubt Man's Level 1st NC 100 Weapon Damage 280 Weapon Damage
Doubt Man's Level 2nd NC 100 HP 1000 HP
Fear Man's Level 1st NC 50 Moxie 300 Moxie
Fear Man's Level 2nd NC Survive 250 spooky damage 25 Spooky Res
Regret Man's Level 1st NC 100 MP 1000 MP
Regret Man's Level 2nd NC 50 prismatic damage 60 prismatic damage

After beating all four bosses

Jar bg.gif
Anger Man's Level (1)
Fear Man's Level (1)
Doubt Man's Level (1)
Regret Man's Level (1)
Back to your campsite
  • Clicking on the "Happy Face" after beating all four bosses results in
Maybe everything is going to be all right after all.

Stat Test Walkthroughs

Anger Man's Level
Stupid Pipes.
See the list of hot resistance sources for increasing your hot resistance to 25. Items such as pec oil, moist sailor's cap, double-ice britches, and SPF 451 lip balm from a semi-rare adventure will help here.
You're Freaking Kidding Me
Because the effect reduces your base stats to 30, base stat increases can prove as effective as percentage increases and tend to be cheaper. You are also looking for increases to all stats, such as World's Best Adventurer sash, pirate fledges, and the Mysterious Island Quest reward medal (Order of the Silver Wossname). You will want the +100 stat semi-rares: teeny-tiny magic scroll, bottle of rhinoceros hormones, and bottle of pirate juice. Other effects include Bananas!, An Awesome Ball Pit, tomato juice of powerful power, Potion of temporary gr8ness, and the other reagent potion stat increases. More recent additions include CSA bravery badge, industrial strength starch, and LOV elixirs 3, 6 and 9. See the appropriate stat modifiers pages for more items.
Doubt Man's Level
A Stupid Dummy. Also, a Straw Man.
To pass this test, you must have 100 or more physical Bonus Weapon Damage. Elemental damage and Bonus Ranged Damage don't count.
Slings and Arrows
Making it past the arrows requires over 100 HP. Refer to HP Modifiers for ways to achieve that number.
Fear Man's Level
Bypassing the snakes requires a Moxie stat of over 50. Moxie Modifiers will help.
So... Many... Skulls...
Getting beyond the spooky, spooky skulls requires the ability to withstand 250 Spooky Damage. Boosting max HP can help, as will cranking up your Spooky resistance.
Regret Man's Level
This Is Your Life. Your Horrible, Horrible Life.
Watching your horrible life will drain 100 MP from you. To survive, increase your MP to over 100. Remember that the test requires actual MP, not just max MP, so use a couple of MP restorers to be sure you're prepared.
The Wall of Wailing
To pass the wall of tears, boost your elemental damage. It is currently unclear what the precise requirements are; however, approaching the test with significant sources of Prismatic Damage (at least 9 damage of each element) is a safe tactic.


Most of the events in the zone refer to the Mega Man series of games:

  • The level select screen with the main character's face surrounded by the portraits of the respective level's bosses.
  • Each boss dropping a weapon that is useful for dealing more damage to (or countering the attack of) another boss.
  • Hidden bonuses in each level that give useful power-ups, or collectable items.
Jungman.gif Angry Jung Man's Psychoanalysis
Analjar empty.gif psychoanalytic jar A Couch Next To A Jar
NPC Jar Zone Sword
The Captain of the Gourd Analjar full.gif
Captain of the Gourd
The Captain of the Gourd's Psychoses Truthseeker.gif
The Crackpot Mystic Analjar full.gif
Crackpot Mystic
The Crackpot Mystic's Psychoses Byte.gif
Jick Analjar full.gif
Jick's Obsessions Pcgsword.gif
Sword of Procedural Generation
The Meatsmith Analjar full.gif
The Meatsmith's Brainspace Meatcleaver.gif
The Old Man Analjar full.gif
Old Man
The Old Man's Past Bloodbath.gif
The Pretentious Artist Analjar full.gif
Pretentious Artist
The Pretentious Artist's Obsession Ginsu.gif
The Suspicious-Looking Guy Analjar full.gif
Suspicious-Looking Guy
The Suspicious-Looking Guy's Shady Past Whitefang.gif
White Dragon Fang