The Cannon Museum

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The Cannon Museum was located in Seaside Town on the Right Side of the Tracks. It contained various historic information about the Kingdom of Loathing.

During A Skeleton Invasion!

  • You will first fight ten skeletons, and then 25 skeletons, and then 100 skeletons.
  • You will then fight Rene C. Corman.
  • Regardless of the outcome of any of these fights (win, lose, or run away), they all occur once, and end with the Cannon Museum being wrecked.
  • After the museum had been wrecked, you could still look at its apparently still-intact interior by looking at any player's Display Case and following the "Back to The Cannon Museum" link at the bottom of the page. During the day of November 1st 2010, this stopped working and now gives the message "The Museum has been pretty much totally destroyed. If you're wondering how your display case remained intact, stop asking so many questions."
  • On November 5th, 2010 the Cannon Museum was effectively replaced by The Museum. The Cannon itself appears to have been stolen or destroyed, although which remains to be discovered...


  • The painting on the far left is very reminiscent of the work of Joan Miró.
  • The third painting from the left on back wall looks similar to Guernica by Pablo Picasso.
  • The second painting from the right looks similar to paintings from Jackson Pollock's pour technique period.
  • The painting on the far right looks similar to works by Piet Mondrian.