The Bugbear Bakery

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The Bugbear Bakery in Forest Village sells all manner of baking supplies — but only to bugbears. You can trick them by putting on a Bugbear Costume. If properly attired, you will be greeted with the message: "Welcome, fellow Bugbear, to the Bugbear Bakery. We sell all manner of baking supplies." Otherwise, you will see only the message: "Begone from here, filthy human. Only Bugbears may shop here."

Items Sold

Item: Price:
Pietin.gif Gnollish pie tin 30 Meat
Dough.gif wad of dough 50 Meat
Sharpstick.gif skewer 80 Meat
Tacoshell.gif taco shell 80 Meat
Cdish.gif Gnollish casserole dish 150 Meat
Rollingpin.gif rolling pin 500 Meat
Unrolling.gif unrolling pin 500 Meat


  • The first time you visit here during the Bugbear Invasion (while disguised,) you get the following text:
You step into the Bakery, but the bugbear behind the counter has another customer: a bugbear holding a phaser and looking none too pleased. "Okay, let's try this again. Where is the colonial army?" he says.
"Look, I just sell baking implements here. I don't even bake! The stove broke a long time ago and nobody knows how to fix it!"
"Why did you not consult the Knowledge Matrix?"
"What, that little black box the Shamans have? It doesn't talk unless you've had a few of the special mushrooms from the Knoll."
"Sh'gr't'tz!" the phaser-bearing bugbear says. "It must have powered down after you knobs ignored it for a hundred years. Great. We're square one, here, and you idiots have gone native."
The bugbear baker shrugs, and squints across the counter. "You're not from around here, are you? Anyway, I do have other customers. What can I get you, fellow bugbear?"
  • In a Zombie Slayer run, zombification has not deterred the baker:
"Graaaaagh! Arrrrrgh!" the zombie bugbear shouts at you. "Buuuuuggaaaaaaahh!"
"What, seriously?" you reply. "Still?"
"Okay, okay, I'm leaving!"
  • If you're in disguise, you can still shop here:
"Graaaaaagh," the zombie bugbear baker nods at you, and then gestures flailingly at a display of merchandise. You have no idea why a zombie would care about commerce, but you suppose that old habits die hard.
The Bugbear Bakery is closed. Being from space, you wouldn't think bugbears would be afraid of radiation, but I guess this one was.