The Bucket

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The Bucket

The Bucket is located next to The Slime Tube. When a chamois is found from defeating a Slime Monster, it is placed here. Large numbers of chamoix can be formed into a big bundle of chamoix.

When "Used"

  • With no chamoix in the bucket:
The bucket is empty.
  • With a single chamois in the bucket:
Chamois.gif There is 1 chamois in the bucket.
  • With multiple chamoix in the bucket:
Chamois.gif There are N chamoix in the bucket.
Use a chamois
  • Upon using a chamois:
You grab a chamois from the bucket and wipe yourself off.
Slimecovered.gifYou lose an effect: Coated in Slime
  • Upon using a chamois:
You don't need a chamois right now.
  • In addition, if there are at least 100 chamoix in the bucket you earned subtracting the amount you used, and you have dungeon admin privileges
Make a bundle of chamoix
  • Upon making a bundle:
Chamoix.gifYou acquire an item: big bundle of chamoix
  • Unsuccessfully making a bundle: (eg, a clanmate did it at about the same time)
There aren't enough chamoix in the bucket for you to make a bundle right now.