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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
The Bounty Hunter Hunter's Shack

The Bounty Hunter Hunter's Shack lies within the Forest Village. He assigns quests which he rewards with filthy lucre. You can take on and complete only one bounty per monster per day, so if you complete a bounty from another day, you may take a new one the same day. He sells items in exchange for filthy lucre.

Untinker.gif The Bounty Hunter Hunter
  • With no bounty currently active:
Would you like to be a Bounty Hunter, and earn some filthy lucre? These are the things I'm currently paying bounties on:
Confused.gif Low-level item
I'll Get These
Confused.gif Mid-level item
I'll Get These
Confused.gif High-level item
I'll Get These
  • When a bounty is chosen:
All right, then! Get out there and collect those <items>!
  • With an active bounty:
I'm still waiting for you to bring me <N> <items>, Bounty Hunter! You can get them from <monsters> in the <location>.
You have collected no <items> so far -- get out there and start hunting!
You have only collected one <item> so far -- get out there and keep hunting!
You have collected <N> <items> so far, Bounty Hunter. Keep up the good work!
I Give Up!
  • Upon giving up:
Can't hack it, eh? Well, that's okay. I'm sure some other Bounty Hunter will step up. Maybe you should try something more appropriate to your Bounty Hunting skills.
  • Upon collecting the bounty:
Excellent work, Bounty Hunter! In exchange for these <items>, I'll give you one filthy lucre!
Lucre.gifYou acquire an item: filthy lucre
  • After completing a bounty:
Since you've already turned in a Bounty today, I can't assign you a new one. Get some rest -- you've earned it!

I've also got some items for sale, if you're interested. I don't take Meat, though -- I only accept filthy lucre.
Lucre.gif You have X filthy lucre.
Item: Cost
Ccheese.gif bowl of Bounty-Os Lucre.gif 1
Snifter.gif Oreille Divisée brandy Lucre.gif 1
Syringe2.gif odor extractor Lucre.gif 1
Bountyhelmet.gif bounty-hunting helmet Lucre.gif 15
Bountyrifle.gif bounty-hunting rifle Lucre.gif 15
Bountypants.gif bounty-hunting pants Lucre.gif 15
Pompuppy.gif pompadour'd puppy Lucre.gif 100
Book4.gif Manual of Transcendent Olfaction Lucre.gif 200
  • After making a purchase:
Thanks for your patronage, Bounty Hunter!
  • If you do not have any filthy lucre, the following text is displayed instead:
You don't have any filthy lucre.
  • When attempting to purchase something without first selecting an item:
The Bounty Hunter Hunter doesn't sell that item.
  • When attempting to purchase something with inadequate filthy lucre:
You don't have enough filthy lucre to make that purchase.
  • When attempting to purchase a non-natural number of items:
That doesn't make any sense.

Items Requested

Choosing Bounties

Below is a table listing the average number of adventures to complete the bounties with no queue modifiers, with On the Trail, and the average turns saved by modifying queue with 4-d cameras/spooky putty or combat frequency modifiers. Each of these estimates assumes you choose to fight your bounty monster in non-combats or end the non-combat without using an adventure whenever possible.

Area Normal On the Trail Savings/
combat modifier
The Penultimate Fantasy Airship (+20ML or more)¹ 17.60 11.38 2.52 1.15 NC
The Spooky Forest ² 18.00 9.66 5.00 0.00 N/A
The Sleazy Back Alley 26.67 13.22 2.33 0.92 NC
Cobb's Knob (bloodstained briquettes) 28.10 14.10 2.51 0.72 NC³
Mysterious Island of Mystery (greasy dreadlocks) 33.00 21.01 2.00 0.00 N/A
South of The Border 33.95 16.82 7.49 1.77 C
Mysterious Island of Mystery (empty aftershave bottles) 34.00 34.00 0.00 0.00 N/A
The Castle in the Sky (wheel set to 'D') 35.86 15.91 6.17 1.23 C
The Haunted Gallery 33.00 15.88 2.00 0.00 N/A
The Castle in the Sky (wheel not set to 'D') 36.75 16.31 6.35 1.43 C
The Haunted Pantry 37.07 22.18 1.85 1.14 C
The Dungeons of Doom 39.01 17.14 5.50 1.53 C
Valley of Rof L'm Fao 40.00 16.96 7.00 0.00 N/A
The Haunted Wine Cellar 40.00 23.59 1.00 0.00 N/A
The "Fun" House 40.00 28.09 1.00 0.00 N/A
Cobb's Knob (broken petri dishes) 40.00 40.00 0.00 0.00 N/A
Mt. McLargeHuge 40.00 40.00 0.00 0.00 N/A
The Goatlet 40.00 40.00 0.00 0.00 N/A
Cobb's Knob Treasury 40.09 23.80 1.36 2.01 C
Fernswarthy's Tower 42.00 16.97 5.00 0.00 N/A
Bat Hole 42.00 19.75 2.00 0.00 N/A
Whitey's Grove 42.33 18.76 4.29 2.21 C
Mysterious Island of Mystery (vials of pirate sweat) 42.52 19.64 7.50 2.54 C
Degrassi Knoll 47.35 19.08 6.89 3.38 C
The Hole in the Sky 49.50 20.60 7.25 0.00 N/A
The Penultimate Fantasy Airship (+ML<20)¹ 59.41 24.82 10.88 1.97 C
¹ The noncombat Random Lack of an Encounter choice 'Investigate the crew quarters' will only have the MagiMechTech MechaMech if monster level is increased by 20 or more. Note that The Florist Friar's Cottage Rabid Dogwood plant has no effect on this adventure.
² In The Spooky Forest you can skip the non-combat by choosing to explore the stream then going to the cave once you have already obtained the quest item there. Total adventures consumed while completing the quest will be higher.
³ In the Outskirts of Cobb's Knob the lowest average turncount can be obtained by running +NC until you get on the trail of Knob Goblin Barbecue Teams, then switch to +Combat.


  • All bounty items have a drop rate of 100%, conditional on having taken the bounty and having fewer than the required items. In other words, you get a bounty item if and only if you need it AND you actually kill the monster.
  • Each bounty is designed to take roughly 40 adventures to complete. The amounts needed are simply 40 adventures divided by the normal encounter rate of the relevant monster(s) in that zone.
  • If you do not complete the bounty you're working on before rollover, you will still have the same bounty selected for the next day. You have the opportunity to continue with that one or give it up to select one of the new day's bounties.
  • If you give up on a bounty, all items that you have collected towards that bounty so far are immediately removed from your inventory. You can select another bounty quest for that day.
  • If you turn in a bounty one or more days after selecting it, you can generally still select a new bounty that day. The exception to this is that, due to a bug, if bounty X is your buffered bounty, and it is also a bounty today, completing bounty X will prevent you from taking another bounty today.
  • The same bounty can't appear two days in a row.
  • While collecting a bounty, a helpful notification of your progress on the bounty hunt will appear. If you have Temporary Blindness, the helpful notification will still appear.


  • Item drop rate increasers can't speed up a hunt.
  • Combat Frequency modifiers can greatly speed up a hunt.
  • The required bountycounts of zones with skippable noncombats were calculated WITHOUT assuming skipping. This means that they're usually the fastest, by skipping noncombats.
  • You can prevent some non-bounty monsters from appearing for several Adventures by using a banisher. This works best in zones with few monster types. However, banishers are usually a limited resource in-run.
  • On the Trail, from using Transcendent Olfaction or the Bounty Hunter's odor extractor in combat, increases the chance of encountering the monster on which it is used. However, this is somewhat counter-productive, as an odor extractor entails spending a filthy lucre.
  • There are various synergistic bonuses that can be helpful while collecting a bounty. Obviously, if you are doing a quest in the area a bounty is provided in, that's optimal: however, keep an eye out for those bonuses. Examples include:

Bounty-specific notes

  • The Oh No, Hobo adventure in the Haunted Pantry actually enables the collection of hobo gristle outside of its regular zone.
  • Similarly, the Feast of Boris enables the collection of shredded can labels in any zone.
  • For burned-out arcanodiodes on the Penultimate Fantasy Airship, raise total ML to at least 20 and boost noncombats, since a noncombat there brings you directly to the bounty monster.
  • Some bounties may be impossible to complete under certain circumstances. You may still agree to collect these bounties, but you will be unable to earn any filthy lucre until you give up and pick a new one.
    • Completing the Gnoll bounty is impossible while ascended under a Muscle sign, as the necessary combat encounters at Degrassi Knoll are inaccessible.
    • The Mysterious Island Quest interferes with a number of bounties. After it begins, you will be unable to collect the Frat or Hippy bounties. In addition, after the first phase of the quest is completed, the Pirate bounty will also become impossible to collect. Finally, depending on the outcome of the quest, completing the Frat bounty, the Hippy bounty, or both, will remain impossible until you ascend.
    • Collecting the Clown bounty is impossible when doing a Bad Moon lead-in run, as gaining access to the "Fun" House requires the use of a ten-leaf clover.
    • In an Avatar of Boris or Zombie Slayer run, the Clown and Weretaco bounties are impossible, due to the "Fun" House and Fernswarthy's Tower being inaccessible. Also, the White Knight bounty cannot be completed until level 11, when Whitey's Grove becomes available.

Zombie Slayer

  • In a Zombie Slayer run, the Bounty Hunter Hunter is still working despite his condition:
Untinker z.gif The Bounty Hunter Hunter
  • With no bounty currently active:
The newly-zombified Bounty Hunter Hunter appears to be amusing himself by running his hands through several bins of monster parts, occasionally stopping to cram a handful of them in his mouth. You look closer to see what sort of parts he might be interested in today.
  • When a bounty is chosen:
"You want some more <items>?" you ask the zombie.
"Okay then, I'll see what I can do."
  • With an active bounty:
The newly-zombified Bounty Hunter Hunter appears to be amusing himself by running his hands through several bins of monster parts, occasionally stopping to cram a handful of them in his mouth. Watching this reminds you of the fact that you've promised to bring him X <items> from the <monsters> in <location>. So far, you've managed to get Y of them.
  • Upon giving up:
You shrug, deciding to hell with it. He has plenty enough bits of gristle and things to keep him happy for a while.
  • Upon collecting the bounty:
You dump your load of <items> into the Bounty Hunter Hunter's bin, and he makes a sort of "Arrrrgggghhh!" sound that you guess is sort of like a cheer, then tugs a coin out of his pocket and drops it on the floor near your feet.
Lucre.gifYou acquire an item: filthy lucre
  • If you can't accept another bounty:
The newly-zombified Bounty Hunter Hunter appears to be amusing himself by running his hands through several bins of monster parts, occasionally stopping to cram a handful of them in his mouth. You consider going out and grabbing another load of bits for him, but decide that once is enough for today. You have more important things to be doing.
  • Store text:
As you turn and look at the merchandise display, he appears to notice you for the first time. He waves an angry claw at you, and howls. "Graaaaaaagh!"
"Calm down, I know, I know. You only accept filthy lucre."
"Graaagh," he nods, and turns back to his bins.


  • Before NS13, the Bounty Hunter Hunter would pay double autosell for certain monster drops, choosing three new bounties a day. See history.
  • The Bounty Hunter Hunter used to reside on The Wrong Side of the Tracks in Seaside Town. He relocated to the Forest Village on October 28, 2010 due to a skeleton invasion.
  • The NS13 Bounty Hunter Hunter originally would not offer you the daily bounty if you had turned in one from a previous day. This was changed in October 2010, with the caveat that, due to a bug, you do not turn in a bounty that is currently being offered.
  • On January 15, 2014, the shack was revamped. This page is stored to show how it used to be.


  • The part in the completion message about getting some rest is a reference to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. After a successful victory in the Arena, the announcer tells the player to "Leave the Arena now and rest, you've earned it!"