The Bonewall is In

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.

The Bonewall is In
The Bonewall is In

Corman has constructed a wall of skeletons, suspended by a number of large flying yetis, in an attempt to cut off the Kingdom's reinforcements to Valhalla.

You're not gonna let that stand, are you? Er, you're not gonna let that kind of hover there, are you?

Pull out some key bones

You cling tenaciously to <yetiname> and approach the wall.

You grab what looks like a load-bearing <radius> and yank. The whole wall shudders and some skeletons fall out.

Skeldoll.gif You defeated 1...15...19? skeletons

You manage to successfully grab a handful of tarsals, metatarsals, and phalanges before the skeleton wall gets out of your way. A passle of skeletons fall to their deaths below.

Skeldoll.gif You defeated 30+? skeletons

You fly up to a load-bearing skeleton and say, "Mr. Skeleton, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!" He doesn't respond, so you grab both of his femurs, tibiae, and fibulae and yoink them out of the structure. The ensuing chain reaction leads to maximum skeletal carnage (this Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!).

Skeldoll.gif You defeated 41+? skeletons

That effort took a lot out of you...

MPYou lose X Mana Points.
Ramming speed!

You shout, "ramming speed, <yetiname>!" and steel yourself for a collision with the bone wall. You get scraped by dozens of skeletal fingers, but you think you did more damage to the wall than you did to yourself, so we'll call it a win.

Skeldoll.gif You defeated 1...11? skeleton(s)

<yetiname> decides you're tough enough to take it, grabs you in one giant paw, and shot-puts you at the bone wall. It's a little like throwing a baseball at a collection of ceramic figurines: there's a good blast radius of damage, shattered remnants flying everywhere, and presumably someone's grandma crying and wondering who's going to pay to replace them.

Skeldoll.gif You defeated 20-70+? skeleton(s)

Oof. That was rough.

HPYou lose Y hit points.

Occurred at The Skies over Valhalla.


  • The first seems to base kills off of your bonus item drop (ignoring familiar). About 1 kill per 10% item drop?
  • The second choice seems to base kills off of your bonus flat HP increasers. (Muscle modifiers and % increases don't matter). About 1 kill per 40 HP?
  • Y is ~10-11% of your total HP, capped at 500.


  • "Mr. Skeleton, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!" is a reference to Ronald Reagan's challenge to Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall.
  • "(this Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!)" is a reference to Jan C. Gabriel, the motorsports announcer and demolition-derby promoter whose commercials were known for the "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!" phrase.
  • "Ramming speed!" is a reference to the movie Animal House. The phrase was shouted by the character D-day just before driving the Death Mobile into the grandstand during the parade. Could also be a reference to the movie Ben Hur.