The Blackberry Cobbler

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The Blackberry Cobbler
The Blackberry Cobbler

You step inside the cobbler's house to find a short man in a black hat working on a sweet-smelling shoe with a variety of tiny, adorable tools.

"Oh, hello!" he says as he notices you. "I'm the Blackberry Cobbler! I make shoes out of blackberries. 3 berries should be enough for a pair. Would you like for me to make you anything?"

Well... would you?

Make some slippers

The cobbler whips you up a pair of fine, fine slippers.

Slippers.gifYou acquire an item: blackberry slippers

Make some moccasins

The cobbler whips you up a pair of soft, comfy moccasins.

Moccasins.gifYou acquire an item: blackberry moccasins

Make some combat boots

The cobbler whips you up a pair of mean-looking combat boots.

Blackboots.gifYou acquire an item: blackberry combat boots

Make some galoshes

The cobbler whips you up a pair of rugged galoshes.

Bgaloshes.gifYou acquire an item: blackberry galoshes

Make like a tree and leave the house

You take your leave of the Blackberry Cobbler's cottage.

Goes to All Over the Map

Occurs in The Black Forest, accessed via You Found Your Thrill.


  • Each item costs 3 blackberries.
  • Asking for shoes with insufficient berries yields this message and returns you to All Over the Map:
    You don't have enough blackberries!
  • You take your leave of the Blackberry Cobbler's cottage.


  • Prior to The Black Forest revamp on May 19, 2014, this adventure was different:
    The first paragraph read:
    As you're wandering in the shade of the black forest, you come across a curious little man working at a little wooden bench with a variety of tiny tools.
    Everything cost 10 berries (and the number in the intro text showed that).
    The skip adventure choice (which read "Make like a tree and leave") was:
    You don't feel like getting any new shoes, so you politely decline and walk back towards where you came from.
    Only occurred with 10 or more blackberries in inventory.
    Occurred the first time you had 10 or more blackberries in inventory each day.
    Skipping the adventure caused this adventure to not occur for 30 turns.
    Occurred directly in The Black Forest.
    Did not have images that, when clicked, showed the item description next to the buttons.
    The choice adventure number changed from 177 to 928.


  • The play on words here is that "cobbler" is a homonym, meaning either a shoemaker or a dessert made with blackberries, peaches, or outside of the US, lamb and vegetables.