The Big Scary Place (Headgear)

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The Big Scary Place
The Big Scary Place

As you stumble forward, the violet fog (or maybe it’s a velvet fog here, you’re not sure) lifts a bit and reveals a swirling, multi-colored sky above you. It seems like there’s both too much and too little space -- you feel intimidated by the open sky and closed-in by the crazy fog that surrounds you. Then, in the middle of the sky, you see a giant flaming eye staring down at you. Just as you’re contemplating getting the fog out of there, the Eye speaks to you. Well, not so much speaks as communicates directly into your brain.

“Greetings, adventurer,” it says. “You have done well to get this far. Don’t worry, I’m not like that other flaming eyeball. He’s my cousin -- he’s a real jerk. My name is Eye in the Sky. You might have met my brother, The Wheel, or my sister, Pie. I wish to offer you a piece of headgear that might help you in your travels, as a souvenir of your time spent here. Will you accept it? Or will you carry on wandering, my wayward son?”

Take the hat (1)

You tell the Eye that you'll accept its gift. It blinks slowly, and the strangest hat you've ever seen materializes in front of you. Then the eye is suddenly poked by the fickle finger of fate and disappears.

Cloche.gifYou acquire an item: Cerebral Cloche

This way

That way

The other way

Occurs in the Violet Fog.


  • The Eye in the Sky's dialogue, "Don’t worry, I’m not like that other flaming eyeball. I won’t cause you or any of your alternate personalities to cease to exist," is a reference to the Multi Czar, who bans multi-abuse accounts (usually including the main, hence "your or any of your alternate personalities"), and uses the Eye of Sauron -- depicted in the movies as a large flaming eye -- as its avatar, both in-game and on the forums. The name may also reference the Alan Parsons Project hit song "Eye in the Sky", or the Philip K. Dick book Eye in the Sky.
  • "...carry on wandering, my wayward son?" refers to the Kansas hit "Carry On Wayward Son".
  • The Eye in the Sky's mention of "my brother, The Wheel" and "my sister, Pie" are probably allusions to the Journey song "Wheel in the Sky", and the phrase "pie in the sky", respectively.
  • "The Velvet Fog" is the nickname of singer Mel Tormé.
  • The name and description refer to the Dead Milkmen song "Big Scary Place" which contains the lyrics "There's too much space / There's not enough space / In this big scary place."