The Beanstalk

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The Beanstalk appears in the Nearby Plains after planting an enchanted bean at the start of the Giant Trash Quest. At the top of the beanstalk, one can find:


You can't get there unless you can figure out some way to fly.
You can see it, but you can't get to it without some means of traveling...
  • As Ed, the beanstalk is always available, but trying to climb it before receiving the Giant Trash Quest gives:
For some reason, there's a giant beanstalk growing in the Plains. Like, really giant -- it goes straight up into the clouds.
It looks climbable, but... why would you do that? You'd just get all tired, and for what? Clouds? Pfft.


  • Before the Level 10 revamp, the skies looked slightly different.
Hole.gif Bcloud1.gif Bcloud4.gif
Bcloud3.gif Bcloud5.gif Castle.gif
Beanback.gif Airship.gif Bcloud2.gif


  • The page title, Somewhere Over The Beanstalk, is a play on the famous song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".
  • The beanstalk and the castle filled with giants are references to the classic children's story "Jack and the Beanstalk".
  • In many of the Super Mario games, a beanstalk would take you to a secret area in the clouds. The "Back to the Nearby Plains" image appears similar to the beanstalk protruding from a cloud in one of these areas.