The Bat in the Spats

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The Bat in the Spats
Monster ID 1128
Locations The Clumsiness Grove
Hit Points 9500
Attack 150
Defense 135
No-Hit 160
Initiative 100
Meat None
Phylum beast
Elements None
Resistance  ??? percent
Monster Parts head, leg, wing
vanity stone
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
The Bat in the Spats You're fighting The Bat in the Spats

"Look at how gorgeous I am!" says the Bat.
"I'm so proud of myself!" says the Bat in the Spats.
And it's true that his clothes are the finest in Hey Deze,
He's the envy of gentlemen, scourge of the ladies,
So please be aware, and I beg you, take note:
If you mock his ensemble, he'll rip out your throat.

Hit Message(s):

You got hurt quite a lot! <damage> full HP!
The sight of your guts isn't pleasant to see!

I don't want to shock you with depictions of gore,
but you just dripped <damage> points worth of blood on the floor.

Critical Hit Message:

not known

Miss Message(s):

A gleaming bat-fang barely misses your face
You feel a bit startled and step back a pace.

The Bat swings a wing, but it can't hit a thing!
You dance a quick fling and you mockingly sing.

The Bat tries to bite you! That villainous vermin!
But it can't hit you! You are far too determined!

Fumble Message:

You point out some dust on one gleaming Bat Spat,
So he stops to remove it. Well, how about that? (FUMBLE!)

Special Move(s):

With a flap of his wings and the force of his will
the Spat-clad Bat stops you from using that skill.

After Combat

Sstone vanity.gifYou acquire an item: vanity stone (100% chance)*


  • The bat prevents use of skills in combat, and non-critical weapon attacks always miss.
  • Using a piece of clumsiness bark will deal 1,000 HP worth of damage to The Bat.