The Annoy-o-Tron 5000

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The Annoy-o-Tron 5000

As you approach the strange machine, Gnorman hobbles out of his hut and addresses you.

"Hello, Tall One! This is my greatest invegntion -- the Annoy-O-Tron 5000! When the dial is turned, it emits low-frequency waves that permeate the egntire Kingdom, causing all of the mognsters to become enraged!"

The device is currently set to level X.

Set the dial to: Level {0 to 10}. Touch that dial!


You switch the dial. All of the monsters in the Kingdom breathe a sigh of relief and settle back into their normal routines.
  • Setting the dial to a number 1 to 10 yields the following message:
You switch the dial. All of the monsters in the kingdom suddenly wince, as though they were being bombarded with waves of concentrated annoyance.
You approach the Annoy-O-Tron 5000, which appears to be none the worse for wear. Gnorman doesn't seem to be around to tell you how to operate it, but since the only control is a dial numbered from 0 to 10, you can probably figure it out on your own.
  • Attempting (through possibly unscrupulous means) to set the dial to a number that is out of the valid range yields the following message:
Invalid dial setting. You invalid dial setter, you. Hey, we just got a new dog! It's an Invalid Dial Setter!
  • You can also receive special rewards if you defeat certain bosses with the dial at certain settings, as detailed below. Click through the individual rewards for more details.
Boss Setting Special Reward
Baron von Ratsworth 2 Moneyclip.gif Baron von Ratsworth's money clip
Baron von Ratsworth 9 Tophat.gif Baron von Ratsworth's tophat
Boss Bat 4 Batpants.gif Boss Bat britches
Boss Bat 8 Batbling.gif Boss Bat bling
The Knob Goblin King 3 Glassballs.gif Glass Balls of the Goblin King
can be crafted into Staff of the Soupbone
The Knob Goblin King 7 Codpiece2.gif Codpiece of the Goblin King
The Bonerdagon 5 Rib.gif rib of the Bonerdagon
can be crafted into Staff of the Soupbone
The Bonerdagon 10 Vertebra.gif vertebra of the Bonerdagon
can be crafted into Bonerdagon necklace


There is a real device called Annoy-a-tron.

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