The A. W. O. L. Camp

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Admiralhagnk.gifAdmiral Hagnk
  • If you visit the camp without a yeti mount:

You enter the tent. Amidst a bustle of activity, you see Hagnk, wearing a crisp uniform and barking orders at people while looking at maps and frowning at things on clipboards and stuff.

He sees you and shouts:

"<playername>! You've beegn drafted, Fatty. Welcome to the Air Warriors of Loathing. Maybe you've noticed, or maybe you've been hiding ugnder a rock, but Corman's back, and this time, attacking us isn't good egnough for him -- he's attackigng Valhalla itself!

Luckily for us, whatever magic he used to opegn a path for himself opened these stragnge astral rifts all over the Kingdom -- if we can get you mougnted, we can send you in there to help us kill as many of those undead bastards as we can.

We'll show Corman that he can take our lives, but he can never take our afterlives!

Corporal Benedetto! Get this Adventurer mounted up!"

An A. W. O. L. Technician taps you on the shoulder and leads you to a strange machine set up in the corner of the tent.

"Y'know those weird eggs that we've been finding on the Icy Peak? Corman took Cerulean and Periwinkle and used 'em to breed an army of horrible yetis for his skeleton army to ride. Bad news for us, eh?

Well, the good news is that a few of the yetis escaped him somehow, and started trying to set up housekeeping in their old haunt on the Peak. The boys in R&D have figured out how to hatch their eggs and make 'em friendly. If you've got one of those eggs, stick it in there, press the button, and stand there on that X so you'll be the first thing the hideous little monster sees when he hatches. If you don't, head up to the Peak and grab one."

  • If you have a hideous egg in your inventory, then the following button is added to the text above:
Put a hideous egg in the incubator
  • After you successfully incubate an egg:

You pop your hideous egg in the machine and stand on the X. Klaxons begin to bleat and the machine glows red as the air around it heats up.

Inside the machine, cracks begin to form on the surface of the egg, and before long, an adorable little yeti cub emerges and starts unfurling his tiny, hideous, leathery little wings.

"Hey there, little guy!" you coo. "What's your name?"


"<yetiroar>!" roars the yeti, as he abruptly (and apparently painfully) grows into a full sized abomination.

"Hmm," you reply. "Catchy, but a little long. How about I just call you <yetiname> instead?"

He calms down and nuzzles you -- looks like he likes the name. Let's hope he also likes vicious, deadly aerial combat, because that's what you're about to subject him to.

  • If you attempt to incubate an egg when you don't have one in your inventory:

You have no such egg, buddy.

  • If you attempt to incubate an egg after you have already successfully incubated one:

You've already got a yeti mount.

  • If you visit the camp with a yeti mount:
Admiralhagnk.gifAdmiral Hagnk

Admiral Hagnk levels his gaze at you.

"You've got your yeti mougnt, you've got all your body parts still more-or-less connected -- why aregn't you up there fighting, soldier?"

I'm just here to see the Quartermaster, Sir

Appeared in The Nearby Plains on May 10, 2011, and disappeared on May 16, 2011.


  • At first, Admiral Hagnk called all players "Son". After someone complained about this being sexist, Jick made Admiral Hagnk call female players "Fatty". A little while later, he decided that it would be funnier if everyone was called "Fatty".
  • The yeti roar and yeti mount names appear to be alliterative, but they not the same for everyone. An example of a roar is "Fraaoooargrrroooar", and an example of a name is "Fraarence".


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