The 99-Centurion Store

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The 99-Centurion Store
The 99-Centurion Store

An elderly but cheerful-looking gladiator nods as you walk into the shop, and gestures to a pair of shelves bedecked with hundreds of identical helmets and pterugeses.


Anyway, wanna buy anything?

Buy a helmet (1 Chroner)
You buy a helmet.
Romanhelm.gifYou acquire an item: centurion helmet

Buy a pteruges (1 Chroner)
You buy a pteruges.
Thighguard.gifYou acquire an item: pteruges

Head back

You head from the Agora to the Agora in a different language.

Occurs at The Roman Forum via The Agora.


  • Initially, the intro text said:
Hello, buy our cheap crap.