The 'Tussin

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So, um... what does it do?

The 'Tussin

The 'Tussin

Well, that stuff was good for what ailed you, but now you've got a buzz bigger than a beehive.

Wait, What?

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  • 'Tussin is a slang term for taking Robitussin or other cough syrups as a recreational drug. The active ingredient is dextromethorphan, which causes effects ranging from increased energy and confusion to hallucinations and difficulty moving, depending on the dose.
  • "The 'Tussin" is a song by nerdcore rapper MC Chris on the album Life's a Bitch and I'm Her Pimp, which is about robotripping. "I've got a buzz bigger than a beehive" is a line from this song.
  • This item is also a reference to the comedian Chris Rock's stand up routine in which his family calls Robitussin "The 'Tussin".
  • "Good for what ails you" was a popular slogan on medicine show products. Here it probably refers to Hadacol, which was similar to some Robitussin formulations in that it had a high alcohol content.