The "Rescue"

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The "Rescue"
The "Rescue"

You step triumphantly over the fallen form of Cake Lord to see a severe-looking woman glaring at you from behind a desk.

"Oh, hey!" you say. "You must be... uhh..."

"Madeline," she says, "Madeline Harkness."

"Hi Madeline! I'm <playername>, and I'm... er... I'm here to rescue you, I guess!"

She scoffs. "Oh, goodie. Another Adventurer, here to rescue me by destroying all of my stock."

"Stock?" you reply. "I didn't see any stock, all I saw was monsters. And I beat them all, and then I beat the boss, and now you're free!"

"What you did," she says, sighing, "was get a big accidental dose of ergot from the front door, start hallucinating, and trash my entire bakery. And your encore was breaking into my office and destroying a wedding cake I spent six days on. So... thanks a million!"

Oh. Umm... Sorry?

You stammer an apology. Leads to Cogito Ergot Sum.

Occurs at Madness Bakery.