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Administrators have the ability to protect pages or images so that they cannot be modified except by other admins (the "edit" link is replaced by a "view source" link when viewed by non-admins). This ability is only to be used in limited circumstances.


  1. Protect the page, supplying a reason.
  2. Add an appropriate protection template (e.g. {{prot high-use}}).
  3. List pages you protect on TheKolWiki:List of protected pages; if it is protected due to a conflict, you may want to list all user names/IPs involved in the conflict.
  4. Remove the protection (while supplying a reason) once the conflict has been resolved.
  5. Remove the protection template from the top of an unprotected page and make mention of the removal in the edit summary.
  • If you protect a page, or find a protected page that is not listed here, then please add it below to the appropriate sections. Please also add a short description of ten words or less, indicating why you protected it.

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