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Tattoo pages should contain the following elements in the order shown here.

Follow the link for information on coding and contents for each element.


Use the following template:

    |name=Lime Head Tattoo
    |outfit=Limey Bastard Booty
    |text=Woah! You scared me there... a lot like a pumpkin.
  • name is the name of the tattoo.
  • image is the tattoo's image.
  • outfit is the name of the outfit needed to unlock this tattoo.
  • text is the message shown when the Pretentious Artist gives you this tattoo.

For more information on usage, see its description at Template:Tattoo.

The above example yields:

Lime Head Tattoo
Lime Head Tattoo

The Lime Head Tattoo is obtained by visiting the Pretentious Artist while wearing the Limey Bastard Booty.

Pretentious Artist

Please allow me to paint your portrait...

Woah! You scared me there, you kinda look like the Headless Horseman. In black-and-white a lime can look a lot like a pumpkin.

Lime Head Tattoo You have unlocked a new tattoo.

Try to wiki-link anything you can.

Other Information

Notes, History, References, or See Also sections (in that order) should be bulleted and formatted as overdescribed in the past billion lines or so of this page.


Any page that uses the {{tattoo}} template will be automatically placed in Category:Tattoos. For pages that concern tattoos not obtained via the Pretentious Artist, add the following line at the bottom of the page:


For other pages, add this instead:

[[Category:Tattoos| {{PAGENAME}}]]
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