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Skill pages should contain the following elements in the order shown here.

Follow the link for information on coding and contents for each element.


Use the following template:

    |description=Your deoxygenated blood has been replaced with lime juice.

You're way more alert than usually.
    |source=Lime Trainer
    |price=83 Meat
    |effect=[[Combat Initiative]] +100%
    |usemsg=You conjure a lime around yourself...
  • SkillID: The in-game ID of the skill
  • Type: Buff? Passive? Combat?
  • MPCost: How many MP the skill uses (if applicable).
  • Description: The official description of the skill, as found in the Kingdom.
  • Source: Guild trainer? Gnomes? Starting skill?
  • Price: How much the skill costs to learn (if applicable).
  • Class: Character class (if applicable).
  • Level: Level at which skill can be acquired (if applicable).
  • Effect: The actual effect, in terms of game mechanics, the player experiences. For consistency, effects listed in this section should be written in the form that item enchantments are written in-game. Those listed should also link an appropriate Game Mechanics page. For example:
  • UseMsg: The skill's "Use Skill" message (if applicable)
  • The name and image for the skill are stored on the skill's metadata page, linked from the upper-right corner of the page.

The above example yields:

undefined skill name

undefined skill name

Type: Buff
MP Cost: 19

Your deoxygenated blood has been replaced with lime juice.

Combat Initiative +100%

Source: Lime Trainer
Price: 83 Meat
Class: Limeface
Level: 42
When Used:
You conjure a lime around yourself...
Lime.gifYou acquire an effect: Limetastic!
(duration: 10 Adventures)

Try to wiki-link anything you can.

Other Information

Notes, History, References, or See Also sections (in that order) should be bulleted and formatted as overdescribed in the past billion lines or so of this page.

The See Also should include a link to all relevant Game Mechanics pages (alphabetized, of course). For example:


Any page that uses the {{skill}} template correctly will automatically be placed in Category:Skills or one of its subcategories. If the template is not given the type parameter, the page will be placed in Category:Incomplete. For other pages, add the following to the end of the page on its own line:

[[Category:Skills| {{PAGENAME}}]]
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