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Effect pages should contain the following elements in the order shown here.

Follow the link for information on coding and contents for each element.


Use the following template:

    |desc=Lime juice flows through your veins...
    |effect=Muscle +100<br />Mysticality +100
  • Effectid is the unique ID number the game uses to identify the effect; it can be found using methods outlined at effects by number.
  • Descid is the long alphanumeric string that identifies the pop-up for the effect's description box. It is the part of the pop-up's URL after "whicheffect=".
  • Desc is the effect's description, as it appears in the pop-up in the Kingdom when you click the effect in your character pane.
  • Effect is the actual, mechanical effect you experience. For consistency, effects listed in this section should be written in the form that item enchantments are written in-game.
  • The name and image for the effect are stored on the effect's metadata page, linked from the upper-right corner of the page.

Our example above would yield:

undefined effect name

undefined effect name

Lime juice flows through your veins, making you so ridiculously powerful that scurvy withers in your very presence.

Muscle +100
Mysticality +100

Obtained From

  • List and wikilink the source of the effect, including the duration of the effect granted by each particular source.
==Obtained From==
*[[Lime]] (5 Adventures)


Obtained From

As always, bullet.

Other Information

If necessary, include Notes, History, References, or See Also sections (in that order), adhering to the same standards meticulously outlined in the item pages section of this guide.

The See Also should include a link to all relevant Game Mechanics pages (alphabetized, of course). For example:

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